London Fire and Civil Defence Authority


London Fire and Civil Defence Authority (LFCDA) was the fire authority of Greater London from 1 April 1986 to 3 July 2000.

London Fire and Civil Defence Authority
LFCDA logo 1989.PNG
PredecessorGreater London Council
SuccessorLondon Fire and Emergency Planning Authority
Formation1 April 1986
FounderLocal Government Act 1985
Dissolved3 July 2000
TypeFire authority
PurposeMake key decisions on London Fire Brigade strategy, policy and budget
HeadquartersLondon Fire Brigade
  • Queen Annes Gate, London, SW1H 9AT
Region served
Greater London

It replaced the Greater London Council as fire authority when it was abolished.

The LFCDA was a joint authority, made up of councillors appointed by the London borough councils.

The LFCDA was replaced by the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority, a functional body of the Greater London Authority.[1]


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