Dragon Beard Ditch
Written byLao She
Date premiered1951
Place premieredBeijing
Original languageChinese

Longxugou (Chinese: 《龙须沟》 "Dragon Beard Ditch" "Dragon Whisker Creek") is a 1951 Chinese play by Lao She written at the invitation of the Beijing Government for Li Bozhao's Beijing People's Art Theatre. The play is named after the Beijing neighbourhood, at the time being presented as a model of socialist reconstruction.[1][2]


  1. ^ Yomi Braester Painting the City Red: Chinese Cinema and the Urban Contract 2010 0822392755 "Lao She's first and only visit to Longxugou took place on July 15, 1950, the day after his meeting with Zhou (the playwright continued to get reports from Pu Siwen). Ten days later Lao She made public his intention to write on Longxugou."
  2. ^ Xiaomei Chen Acting the Right Part: Political Theater and Popular Drama 0824824830 2002 -Page 212 "The awful, absurd nature of Lao She's death is brought home all the more when one remembers that Dragon Beard Ditch was warmly received by tens of thousands of people in 1951 and had "played a significant role in consolidating the newly founded people's government and in illustrating the superiority of the new socialist system."