Lunar Orbital Station
Concept of the Lunar Orbital Station
Station statistics
Launch2025 (proposed)[1]
Carrier rocketAngara rocket

The Lunar Orbital Station (Russian: Лунная Орбитальная Станция, romanizedLunnaya Orbital'naya Stantsiya; LOS) is a proposed Russian space station in orbit around the Moon.[2] The design was presented in 2007 at a conference at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Star City. It is one of the two parts of the planned Russian lunar infrastructure, the other part being a base on the surface of the Moon.

LOS will have six docking ports, high-power antenna for communications, maneuvering and attitude control engines, solar panels and a robotic arm. The station components would be launched atop a super heavy version of the Angara rocket.

Russia has expressed discontent with its role in the international Lunar Orbital Platform – Gateway, which prompted the country to go ahead with the creation of its own lunar station. The launch of the first LOS module is proposed for 2025.[1] Other reports state that NASA now accepted Russia's full participation in the international Gateway.[3]


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