Lunch. Drunk. Love.


Lunch. Drunk. Love.
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Studio album by
ReleasedSeptember 10, 2013[1]
RecordedPanhandle House Studios
Denton, Texas
The Daycare
Highland Village, Texas
The Tackle Box
Hollywood, California
ProducerJaret Reddick
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Lunch. Drunk. Love.
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Singles from Lunch. Drunk. Love.
  1. "Right About Now"
    Released: 2013
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Review scores
Allmusic3/5 stars[2]

Lunch. Drunk. Love is the ninth studio album by American rock band Bowling for Soup, released on September 10, 2013, through Brando Records and Que-so. The album was completely fan-funded,[3] as well as being released on the band's own record label like their previous album. The band has released music videos for the songs "Real", "Right About Now", "Envy" and "Circle". "Circle" is also the first single off this record. The album charted at number 142 on the Billboard 200.


"Lunch.Drunk.Love. people refer to as my divorce record and it was pretty angry, and there’s just a lot of emotions on there that you’re not used to hearing from Bowling For Soup"[4]

Production and Recording


In just a few days, I will begin the process of writing songs for the next Bowling for Soup album. Then, this spring, we will hunker down in downtown Denton, Texas and start recording!!! You, our fans, have supported us so much for almost 19 years!!! So for this record, we are changing it up a bit.

We want you guys to be right with us the whole time. Literally!!!

That’s what happens HERE!

By pledging, you’ll get the album the second it’s done. And along the way, you’ll be able to access exclusive updates as I am writing songs. We will check in during rehearsals, updates from the studio while we lay it all down…and show you album art and even share with you plans for videos before we shoot them…Then we will do exclusive updates from video shoots and photo shoots and much, much more! By pledging, you will also get the chance to vote on the title of the album itself!!! How cool is that?!?!

Seriously, who is stoked??

Just $10 gets you a download of the new album as soon as it is done plus the exclusive updates!!

Just $15 gets you that download, plus the new album on cd, PLUS an exclusive acoustic CD that is only available RIGHT here to our pledgers…Two albums for $15 bucks!! We have gone mental!!!

Have a look to the right —> and see all the other stuff we’ve listed that can be yours. There is everything from pieces of BFS history, to exclusive T-shirts and posters, vintage back stage passes, house concerts and much much more!!

Remember, you only HAVE to pledge for the $10 download to get the Exclusive content…And the REALLY cool thing about PledgeMusic, is if you decide you want to add something else later, you can!!!

We want to bring this music directly to you and are so excited that we can finally do that here with PledgeMusic and you are LITERALLY going to be along for the entire ride…And when the album is done…You get that sucker right away!!!

And not only are you helping to make this new album come to life, but we will all be helping out an incredible organization called Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, who do amazing work in helping career musicians during times of illness, disability, or age related problems. 5% of EVERY pledge, even after we meet our goal, will go to them.

Well, that is about it…I need to get to writing, and you need to get to watching this all come together!!

Let’s do this!

I love you all!


Within 48 hours 500 pledges were received [6] and in less than 7 days Reddick announced "Dude, you guys killed it...In less than 7 days, you guys made this all happen!!! Could not be happier, and more excited..."[7] As the goal was reached Reddick gave pledgers a video of an early acoustic version of the song "Since We Broke Up". Chandler finished recording bass on May 10, 2013. It was announced that on day 10 in the recording studio the drums are done. Tracking and recording at the Daycare was officially wrapped up in May and that the songs will be sent to mixing. On June 11, 2013 Pledgers received an update regarding the album's title and that they would get to vote on what the album should be named. June 20, 2013 the band released the official title and cover for the new album. July 15 the album was sent to be mastered. More artwork was released in August along with lyric videos for "Envy", "Rooftops", "Real", and "Right About Now". Videos for "I am Waking Up Today", "Since We Broke Up", and Circle" were released throughout September. The campaign closed on September 4, 2013 with attaining 3579 pledges and a finished goal of 249%.[8]

Pledge Campaign

Items available to purchase in the campaign included:

Cost Item
$10 New BFS Album download + updates
$15 New album on CD (PLUS acoustic CD)
$17 Sticky Passes From The Past
$20 All Access/Artist Passes from Past Tours
$20 Autographed 8x10's
$25 Autographed New CD (PLUS acoustic CD)
$25 Handwritten "Thank You" Card signed by the band
$30 Exclusive T-shirt
$32 Autographed New Album on Vinyl
$35 Exclusive Silk Screen Poster
$40 Autographed Drum Sticks + Picks (plectrums)
$40 Vinyl Package: New Album + Fishin' For Woos (Autographed)
$50 Autographed New CD + Exclusive T-shirt + Acoustic CD
$55 Autographed/Personalized BFS Lyric Book By Jaret
$59+ Texas Guitar Replica (signed or unsigned)
$75 Skype Guitar Lesson With Erik
$75 Skype With Chris
$80 Autographed Drum Head
$90 Your name in the credits + Autographed New CD + Acoustic CD
$100 Your song played and discussed on Jaret's Podcast
$120 Ultimate BFS Package
$125 Special Occasion MP3 From Jaret
$150 Autographed Drum Seat (Cushion Only)
$150 Autographed Grammy Shoe
$175 Autographed Cymbal
$200 7x7 Blue/Red BFS Scrim (no stand)
$200 Your Name In A Song
$200+ Stage Apparel
$250 Sing on the New Album!
$300 10x8 "One Big Happy Tour" Backdrop
$300 7x7 Blue/Red BFS Scrim (with stand)
$300 Black/White/Red BFS Logo Banner
$500 2 VIP Passes To EVERY Show on the October 2013 UK tour
$500 20x10 One Big Happy Banner
$500 Autographed 24" Custom Drum Head With Green + Gold Logo
$500 Cloth Old School BFS Banner (our first backdrop)
$500 Hangover You Don't Deserve Banner
$500+ For Those About To Rock Banner
$550 Signed/Personalized "Almost" Official RIAA Gold Plaque
$600 Signed/Personalized "1985" Official RIAA Gold Plaque
$750 Autographed 24" "Pants" Custom Drum Head
$750 Autographed 24" Custom BFS Drum Head (Get Happy Tour)
$750 Autographed 24" Custom "The Fabulous BFS" Head (White)
$750 Autographed 24' Custom "Vegas" Drum Head (Black)
$1,000 Signed Guitar
$1,500 Autographed Bass Guitar From Warped Tour 2003
$1,500 Hang in the Studio For A Day
$2,000 Spend The Day With BFS
$2,500 Record A Song With BFS
$4,000 2 Day/Write + Record A Song With Jaret
$5,000 2 Days/2 Songs Produced By Jaret
$7,500 Acoustic House Concert + Dinner Party
$10,000 UK House Concert
$200,000 OWN the Master Rights to the new BFS Record

Track listing

1."Critically Disdained"Jaret Reddick2:39
2."Since We Broke Up"Reddick, Linus of Hollywood3:42
3."Real"Reddick, Linus of Hollywood4:03
4."From the Rooftops"Reddick, Ryan Hamilton3:01
5."Circle" (Edie Brickell & New Bohemians cover)Brandon Aly, Edie Arlisa Brickell, John Walter Bush, John Bradley Houser, Kennteh Neil Withrow2:55
6."Normal Chicks"Reddick, Linus of Hollywood3:15
7."I Am Waking Up Today"Reddick, Linus of Hollywood2:49
8."Couple of Days"Reddick2:36
9."And I Think You Like Me Too"Reddick, Linus of Hollywood3:07
10."Envy"Reddick, Linus of Hollywood3:25
11."How Far This Can Go"Reddick, Linus of Hollywood3:58
12."Right About Now"Reddick2:40
13."Kevin Weaver"Reddick3:37
Total length:41:40


1."Award Show Taylor Swift" (released to backers of the band's Pledge Music campaign)3:32


  • Jaret Reddick — Lead Vocals, rhythm guitar.
  • Erik Chandler — bass guitar, Vocals
  • Chris Burney — lead guitar, Vocals
  • Gary Wiseman — Drums


Additional Musicians

  • Linus of Hollywood
  • Scott Simons
  • Peter Adams
  • Vincent Tyler
  • Linda Stephens


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