Lute Suite in E minor, BWV 996


Suite in E minor, BWV 996, is a musical composition written by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750) between 1708 and 1717. It is probable that this suite was intended for Lautenwerck (lute-harpsichord).[1] Because the lautenwerk is an uncommon instrument, it is in modern times often performed on the guitar or the lute.

Musical structure Edit

The work consists of six movements:

  1. Präludium: Presto
  2. Allemande
  3. Courante
  4. (Sarabande)
  5. Bourrée
  6. (Gigue)

Instrumentation Edit

Bach wrote his lute pieces in a traditional score rather than in lute tablature, and some believe that Bach played his lute pieces on the keyboard.[2] No original script of the Suite in E minor for Lute by Bach is known to exist.[3] However, in the collection of one of Bach's pupils, Johann Ludwig Krebs, there is one piece ("Praeludio – con la Suite da Gio: Bast. Bach") that has written "aufs Lauten Werck" ("for the lute-harpsichord") in unidentified handwriting.[3]

Some argue that despite the annotation about the lute-harpsichord, the piece was meant to be played on the lute as demonstrated by the texture.[3] Others argue that since the piece was written in E minor, it would be incompatible with the baroque lute which was tuned to D minor unless a capo was on the 2nd fret.[4] Nevertheless, it may be played with other string instruments, such as the guitar, mandola or mandocello, and keyboard instruments (Such as Piano), and the fifth movement (the bourrée) is especially well-known among guitarists.[5]

See also Edit

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