Bore (1960) takaisin Turussa 2010.jpg
Bore in her restored original livery in Turku, Finland.
  • 1960–77: Bore
  • 1977–87: Borea
  • 1988–2010: Kristina Regina
  • 2010 onwards: Bore
  • 1960–70: Bore Steamship Company
  • 1970–76: Silja Line
  • 1977–84: Jakob Lines
  • 1984: Aura Line
  • 1984–87: laid up
  • 1987–2010: Kristina Cruises[1]
  • 2010 onwards: laid up as a hotel ship
Port of registry:
Builder: Oskarshamn Shipyard
Yard number: 353
In service: 1960
Out of service: 2010
Status: Permanent hotel/restaurant/museum ship at Forum Marinum
General characteristics
  • 3,492 GRT (1960)
  • 4,295 GT (1988)
Length: 99.83 m (327.5 ft)
Beam: 15.25 m (50.0 ft)
Speed: 17.5 kn (32.4 km/h; 20.1 mph)
Notes: [2]

MS Bore is a combination museum and hotel ship docked permanently in Turku, Finland. She was originally built in 1960 by Oskarshamn shipyard, Oskarshamn, Sweden as the car/passenger ferry SS Bore for Steamship Company Bore, Finland, then the last commercial steam ship built in Scandinavia and the first ferry on the route between Finland and Sweden where cars could drive aboard. She was later known as SS Borea, before being rebuilt as cruise ship in 1988. 1988 to 2010 she was owned by the Finnish shipping company Kristina Cruises and known as MS Kristina Regina until she was retired because she did not comply with new safety regulations.


SS Bore was built at the Oskarshamn shipyard in Oskarshamn, Sweden. On 5 April 1960 she was delivered to the Finnish Bore Steamship Company, who were at the time collaborating with Finland Steamship Company and Rederi AB Svea (this collaboration gave birth to Silja Line in 1970). She was initially placed on the route TurkuMariehamnStockholm, although she was often used on the Helsinki–Stockholm route as well. Most Bore Steamship Company's ships had a number in their name (Bore I, Bore II, etc.), and the lack of number in the name of this ship led to it being nicknamed Nolla-Bore (Zero-Bore) by Finnish seamen. In 1972 the ship was rebuilt with additional cabins. She ended service with Silja Line in September 1976, after which she was laid up in Stockholm until October 1977 when she was sold to Jakob Lines, a company Bore Steamship owned a large share of. She was renovated and renamed SS Borea. In 1978, the Borea started operating between Jakobstad and Skellefteå. Generally Jakob Lines only operated her during the summer months, the rest of the year was spent either laid up or occasionally chartered to other companies.

Jakob Lines sold the ship in 1984 to Finnish Aura Line who used her to restart steamship traffic from Turku to Stockholm as a tourist venture. Borea started traffic for Aura Line in June 1984, but already in October of the same year Aura Line was declared bankrupt. The ship spent another year laid up, until she was sold to a Canadian businessman who planned to convert her to a luxury cruise ship. The plan was never carried out, and the ship continued to be laid up in Turku until January 1987 when Rannikkolinjat, a Finnish company later known as Kristina Cruises, purchased her.

Kristina Regina entering Piraeus harbor.

The ship was extensively rebuilt as a cruise ship, her steam engines switched to diesel ones and she was renamed MS Kristina Regina. In 1988, Kristina Regina was placed on cruise traffic from Finland mostly to destinations along the Gulf of Finland, but later also destinations in the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and Africa's west coast. As of February 2007, she is the only Finnish cruiseship in service.

The ship off of Brest, France.

In her current construction the Kristina Regina does not fulfil the requirements of the SOLAS 2010 regulations, and as a result she was withdrawn from international cruise service in 2010, being replaced by the much larger Kristina Katarina.[3][4] According to archives from, she was put up for sale on 15 May 2010[5] and was acquired for preservation by Finland-based Oy S/S Borea Ab. The City of Turku has granted the Kristina Regina a permanent berth. She was renamed and restored into her livery as Bore and opened as a hotel, restaurant and museum.[6] The grand opening of the ship in her new role was held on October 10.[7]


SS Bore

MS Kristina Regina

  • Rebuilt: 1988, Wärtsilä, Kotka, Finland
  • Length: 99.38 meters
  • Width: 15.28 meters
  • Depth: 5.26 meters
  • Tonnage: 4,295 GRT
  • Passengers: 245
  • Beds: 249
  • Max speed: 16.5 knots


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Coordinates: 60°26′06″N 22°14′01″E / 60.4350°N 22.2337°E / 60.4350; 22.2337