MV Target


MV Target is a semi-submersible heavy transport ship, built by Brodosplit in Yugoslavia.

Target p1 03-05-08.jpg
MV Target carrying an unnamed load.
Norwegian Merchant Navy EnsignNorway
  • Jahre Target
  • 1993 Nord-Jahre Target
  • 2000 Crude Target
  • 2003 Genmar Centaur
  • 2004 Front Target
Ownerinitially Park Venture Co.
BuilderBrodosplit, Split, Croatia
Yard number361
Launched29 July 1989
CompletedFebruary 1990
Fatesold 2007
Flag of the Netherlands Antilles.svgNetherlands Antilles
NameMV Target
OperatorDockwise flag.svg Dockwise
Completed24 December 2007
HomeportWillemstad, Netherlands Antilles
Statusin active service
General characteristics
Typesemi-submersible heavy-load carrier
  • 142,031 DWT
  • 2007 reduced to 53806
  • 269 m (882 ft 7 in)
  • 2007 shortened to 216.9 m (711 ft 7 in)
Beam44.5 m (146 ft 0 in)
Speed14 knots (26 km/h; 16 mph)


Built in 1990 as a tanker, MV Jahre Target,[3] MV Target is the second of six single hull tankers to be converted into heavy lift vessels. After completing submerging and sea trials, the former sealift vessel was delivered to the new owners, Dockwise on 24 December 2007.[4]


MV Target was converted at the COSCO shipyard in Nantong, China. A new midsection was fitted to the bow and aft sections of the single-hull tanker. She has a carrying capacity in excess of 35,000 tons and an unobstructed deck area measuring 44.5 m x 130 m.


MV Target is designed to transport complex, high-value cargo, including semi-submersible and jack-up drilling units, as well as offshore structures. She is managed by Anglo-Eastern Ship Management who provide technical and crew management.

In 2009, MV Target transported the Royal Navy ice-strengthened survey ship, HMS Endurance from the Falkland Islands to Portsmouth.[5]


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