Madingley Road


Madingley Road is a major arterial road linking central Cambridge, England with Junction 13 of the M11 motorway.[3] It passes by West Cambridge, a major new site where some University of Cambridge departments are[when?] being relocated.

Rare semi-mature Plot elms, near the Madingley Road Park and Ride, Cambridge, 2013[1][2]

The road is designated the A1303. At the eastern end, the A1303 continues as Northampton Street, then Chesterton Lane and Chesterton Road. There is a junction with the A1134 (Queen's Road) to the south.

At the Cambridge (east) end of the road, there are a number of large detached residences.[4]

The village of Coton is south of the western end of Madingley Road.


The following are located on or close to Madingley Road:

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The following have lived on or close to Madingley Road:


One of the last known stands in England of rare semi-mature Plot elms, the Madingley Road elms descended from those described by botanists Elwes and Henry in 1913[2] and studied by R. H. Richens in 1960,[1] was destroyed by Cambridge City Council for road-widening, between about 2007 and 2014.[6]

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Coordinates: 52°12′43″N 0°05′50″E / 52.2119°N 0.0972°E / 52.2119; 0.0972