Manda (goddess)


In Hinduism, Manda (Sanskrit: मान्दा, Māndā) or Dhamini (Sanskrit: धामिनी, Dhāminī) is the second consort of Shani and mother of Gulikan. She is a Gandharva princess and the most famous chief consort of Shani. She is the goddess of Kalā. Her Nrtya (Dance) can attract anyone in the whole Brahmānda (Universe). Manda is mentioned as divine regent of Planet Saturn (Shani) in India.[2]

Goddess of Art and Dance
Sanskrit transliterationDhāminī
AffiliationDevi, Devotee of Saraswati, Gandharva
Mantraॐ मान्दायै धामाना नमः oṁ māndāyai dhāmānā namaḥ
MountSwan, Donkey
Personal information
  • Chitraratha (father)
  • Divyanka (mother)
ChildrenGulikan/Mandi (son)[1]


Manda's mother Divyanka died when Manda was little. Divyanka sacrificed her life fighting an Asura serpent trying to save baby Manda. Chitraratha mourned her death. Chitraratha, Manda's father, named her after the snake Dhamina as Dhamini since he wanted to keep that memory alive.[3]

As per an ancient story, since his childhood Lord Shani was a keen devotee of Lord Shiva. Lord Surya married him to Dhamini. One day Manda got depressed and cursed her husband, “You may not be able to look at some one in future, and your sight would remain ever downward. Whomsoever you look at, would be ruined away." When she overcame of her rage, she repented a lot, but the curse could not be get undone, so the sight of Lord Shani remains downward forever. But, when Lord Shani accepted his rank (Lord of deeds), he gets liberate from this curse.[4]

Chanting names of consorts of ShaniEdit

In the chants, Dhamini is the leading consort of Lord Shani. Chanting names of consorts of Lord Shani also helps to appease Lord Shani.

Chants are- ‘Dhwajini Dhamini Chaiva Kankali Kalahpriya Kantaki Kalahi Chaatha Turangi Mahishi Aja Shanenarmaani Patninametani Sanjapana Puman Dukhani Nashayennityang Saubhagyamedhate Sukham’.[5]

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Temples of son of Manda in Kerala, IndiaEdit

Temple of son of Goddess Manda in known as Gulikan Temple. Lord Shiva is worshipped there. There are some popular Gulikan Temples in Kerala, India:

Also see: Gulikan Theyyam

In televisionEdit

Dhamini was shown in the show of  Karmaphal Daata Shani, which aired on Colours TV. Her character was played by Tina Dutta.[6]


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