Mandurah Road


Mandurah Road is the name given to two roads in the cities of Perth and Mandurah, Western Australia, which link together at Stakehill Road, Karnup.

Mandurah Road

Mandurah Road from footbridge, August 2021 01.jpg
Mandurah Road from footbridge near Mandurah railway station
General information
Length41 km (25 mi)
Route number(s)
Major junctions
North end Rockingham Road (National Route 1), Kwinana Beach
South end Old Coast Road (National Route 1), Halls Head
Major settlementsBaldivis, Karnup, Meadow Springs, Mandurah
Highway system

Route descriptionEdit

The northern part starts in the Kwinana Beach industrial area. After 2 km and reaching the City of Rockingham boundary, it becomes a semi-rural single carriageway road which runs past wetlands east of Rockingham such as Lake Cooloongup and Lake Walyungup. It also provides access to the residential and rural-residential sections of the suburb of Baldivis.

The southern part starts at Stakehill Road and is a dual carriageway and part of National Highway 1. It is actually a continuation of Ennis Avenue coming from Rockingham. It continues to Mandurah, where it intersects with Mandjoogoordap Drive at a roundabout before crossing Pinjarra Road and heading west to meet Old Coast Road which was traditionally the main road to Bunbury and South West of Western Australia, until the opening of Forrest Highway superseded it. However Old Coast Road still serves as an alternative route there.


Until 2005, the road changed name at the City of Mandurah boundary line (between Singleton and Madora Bay) to "Fremantle Road", but this was changed by a decision of the City of Mandurah in September 2005.[1][2] This change has been recognised by the Government in the 2007 Streetsmart street directory.

Major intersectionsEdit

All intersections below are controlled by traffic signals unless otherwise indicated.

KwinanaKwinana Beach00.0  Rockingham Road northeastbound / Patterson Road southwestbound (National Route 1)  – Naval Base, Perth, Rockingham, Kwinana BeachNorthern terminus, continues as Mason Road northbound. Staggered T-intersections favouring Patterson and Rockingham Roads. No right turn possible between Patterson Road northbound and Mandurah Road southbound
KwinanaRockingham boundaryKwinana Beach-East Rockingham boundary1.9–
Wellard Road eastbound / Office Road westbound  – Kwinana Beach, Leda, Calista, Wellard.Unsignalised staggered T-intersections favouring Mandurah Road
East Rockingham-LedaCooloongupHillman quadripoint5.23.2Gilmore Avenue eastbound /   Dixon Road (State Route 22) westbound / – Kwinana Town Centre, Wellard, Rockingham.State Route 22 northern concurrency terminus. Connects to Rockingham Trade Centre and Murdoch University Rockingham Campus
LedaBaldivis-Cooloongup tripoint6.44.0  Kulija Road (State Route 22)  – Oldbury, Mundijong, JarrahdaleState Route 22 southern concurrency terminus. Connects to the Kwinana Freeway intersection with Mundijong Road. Northbound traffic turns left, southbound traffic turns right at unsignalised T-junction.
RockinghamBaldivis-WarnbroWaikiki tripoint11.27.0  Safety Bay Road (State Route 18)  – Baldivis, Warnbro, Safety BayRoundabout, Access to Warnbro railway station
Baldivis-Karnup boundary17.711.0Stakehill Road  – Karnup, Hopeland, SerpentineUnsignalised T-junction. Northbound traffic turn left, southbound traffic turn right. Connection to Kwinana Freeway via Karnup Road
Port KennedyBaldivis-Karnup tripoint18.211.3  Ennis Avenue (National Route 1) northbound/ Stakehill Road West westbound  – Port Kennedy, Rockingham, Kwinana Beach, FremantleNational Route 1 northern concurrency terminus. Northbound traffic turn right, southbound traffic turn left
Karnup-Secret Harbour boundary20.913.0Anstey Road  – Secret HarbourUnsignalised T-junction.
Karnup-Golden Bay boundary23.114.4Dampier Drive  – Golden Bay, Secret Harbour, RockinghamConnects to Warnbro Sound Avenue
23.914.9Paganoni Road  – KarnupConnects to Kwinana Freeway
Karnup-Singleton boundary25.716.0Redwood Avenue eastbound / Singleton Beach Road westbound  – Singleton, Karnup
MandurahLakelands-Madora Bay boundary28.217.5Banksiadale Gate eastbound / Madora Beach Road westbound  – Madora Bay, Lakelands
28.617.8Lake Valley Drive  – Madora Bay, Meadow SpringsAccess to future Lakelands railway station. Connects to Mandjoogoordap Drive via Lilydale Drive
Meadow Springs-Madora Bay boundary29.718.5Broadstone Vista eastbound / Lord Hobart Drive westbound  – Madora Bay, Meadow Springs
Meadow Springs-San Remo boundary31.319.4Meadow Springs Drive  – Madora Bay, Meadow Springs
Meadow Springs-Mandurah-Silver Sands tripoint32.920.4Mandurah Terrace - Mandurah Foreshore
Meadow Springs-Greenfields-Mandurah tripoint33.420.8Gordon Road  – Greenfields, Parklands, Nambeelup, North DandalupConnects to Kwinana Freeway and South Western Highway via Lakes Road
Greenfields-Mandurah boundary34.621.5  Mandjoogoordap Drive (State Route 19) northbound / Kirkpatrick Drive eastbound  – Greenfields, Stake Hill, PerthRoundabout. Northbound traffic turn left via slip lane, southbound traffic turn right. Access to Peel Education Campus
35.722.2  Murdoch Drive eastbound / Allnutt Street westbound  – Greenfields, MandurahAccess to Mandurah railway station and Peel Health Campus
Greenfields-Coodanup-Mandurah tripoint36.722.8Pinjarra Road  – Mandurah, Barragup, Ravenswood, PinjarraAccess to Mandurah Forum
Dudley Park38.624.0Leslie Street northbound / Mariners Cove Drive southbound  – Mandurah, Coodanup
Peel Inlet39.8–
Mandurah Estuary Bridge
MandurahHalls Head-Erskine boundary41.025.5Old Coast Road  – Mandurah, Falcon, Dawesville, BunburySouthern terminus. Continues as   Old Coast Road (National Route 1) southbound
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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