Martin Embley


Martin Embley

Thomas Martin Embley
Alma materNewcastle University (PhD)
AwardsEMBO Membership (2009)[1]
Scientific career
InstitutionsNewcastle University
North East London Polytechnic
Natural History Museum, London[3]
ThesisAspects of the biology of Renibacterium salmoninarum (1983)

(Thomas) Martin Embley FRS FMedSci is a Professor at Newcastle University who has made contributions to our understanding of the origin of eukaryotes and the evolution of organelles such as mitochondria,[3][4][5][6] mitosomes and hydrogenosomes, that are found in parasitic protists.[1]

In Mya 2021, Embley was appointed as a Fellow of the Royal Society.[7]


Embley was educated at Newcastle University where he was awarded a PhD on the biology of the bacterium Renibacterium salmoninarum in 1983.[8]


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