McDonald Avenue is a north-south street in Brooklyn, New York City. The avenue runs about 4.5 miles (7.2 km) between the intersection of 86th Street and Shell Road in Gravesend, north to 20th Street and 10th Avenue in Windsor Terrace. It runs underneath the New York City Subway's IND Culver Line (F and <F>​ trains) for most of its length.[1]

It passes near densely populated areas,[2] cemeteries, and funeral homes,[3][4] as well as a commercial corridor.[5][6] In particular, the intersection with Bay Parkway is surrounded by cemeteries on three corners, including Washington Cemetery.[1]

On March 14, 1933, the Board of Aldermen (today's City Council) passed a resolution changing the name of Gravesend Avenue to McDonald Avenue. This resolution did not pass without opposition. The Gravesend Chamber of Commerce believed that re-naming Gravesend Avenue erased an important link to Brooklyn's past.


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