Megalonisi (Greek: Μεγαλονήσι), also Nisiopi (Greek: Νησιώπη), is a long island near the west coast of the island Lesbos, North Aegean, Greece.[1] It is situated in front of Sigri's harbour, and stretches across the mouth of the bay and acts as a buffer to the prevailing winds. In the middle stands Megalonisi Lighthouse to help ships navigate in the rough east Aegean Sea.[2][3]

Native name:
Lighthouse of Sigri.jpg
Coordinates39°12′59″N 25°50′12″E / 39.2164°N 25.8366°E / 39.2164; 25.8366Coordinates: 39°12′59″N 25°50′12″E / 39.2164°N 25.8366°E / 39.2164; 25.8366
ArchipelagoAegean Sea


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