Meridian 4


Meridian 4
Mission typeCommunications
OperatorVKS (2011)
VKO (2012-)
COSPAR ID2011-018A
SATCAT no.37398
Spacecraft properties
Spacecraft typeMeridian
ManufacturerISS Reshetnev
Start of mission
Launch date4 May 2011, 17:41:33 (2011-05-04UTC17:41:33Z) UTC[1]
Launch sitePlesetsk 43/4
Orbital parameters
Reference systemGeocentric
Perigee altitude1,418 kilometres (881 mi)
Apogee altitude38,948 kilometres (24,201 mi)
Inclination64.39 degrees
Period717.75 minutes
Epoch3 July 2014, 23:30:26 UTC[2]

Meridian 4 (Russian: Меридиан-4), also known as Meridian No.14L, is a Russian military communications satellite. It was launched atop a Soyuz-2-1a/Fregat rocket from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in May 2011.

It is the fourth satellite to be launched as part of the Meridian system, which will replace the older Molniya series. It was constructed by ISS Reshetnev and is believed to be based on the Uragan-M satellite bus, which has also been used for GLONASS navigation satellites.

Meridian satellites are launched into highly elliptical Molniya orbits to provide communications coverage of the Northern Hemisphere for the Russian military.

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