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The Michael Kelly Award is a journalism award sponsored by the Atlantic Media Company. It is given for "the fearless pursuit and expression of truth"; the prize is $25,000 for the winner and $3,000 for the runners-up.[1] It is named for Michael Kelly, an American journalist killed covering the Iraq War.

In 2003 the University of New Hampshire, Department of English, established the Michael Kelly Memorial Scholarship Fund, which awards a sophomore or junior student "who is passionate about journalism".[2]

Year Winner Finalists
2004 Anthony Shadid[3] Dan Christensen; Tom Junod; John Lantigua; George Packer
2005 Nicholas D. Kristof[4] David Grann; Kim Murphy; Maximillian Potter; Elizabeth Rubin
2006 Sharon LaFraniere[5] Kurt Eichenwald; James Risen; Eric Lichtblau; Chris Rose; Cam Simpson
2007 C. J. Chivers[6] Rukmini Maria Callimachi; Jesse Hamilton; William Langewiesche; Charles Forelle, James Bandler, and Mark Maremont; Steve Stecklow
2008 Loretta Tofani[7] Kelly Kennedy; Joshua Kors; Tom Vanden Brook; Peter Eisler; Blake Morrison
2009 Ken Armstrong and Nick Perry[8] Barry Bearak; Celia W. Dugger; Richard Behar; Peter Godwin
2010 David S. Rohde[9] Ken Bensinger and Ralph Vartabedian; Sheri Fink; Jeffrey Gettleman
2011 Mandy Locke and Joseph Neff[10] Emily Bazelon; John Bowe; Jonathan M. Katz
2012 Sarah Stillman[11] Rukmini Maria Callimachi; Kathy Dobie; A.M. Sheehan and Matt Hongoltz-Hetling
2013 Brian Mockenhaupt[12] Alberto Arce; David Barboza; Michael Phillips
2014 Rukmini Maria Callimachi[13] Matthieu Aikins; David Phillips; Megan Twohey
2015 Rania Abouzeid Matthieu Aikins; Alex Campbell; Dexter Filkins[14]
2016 Alissa J. Rubin[15] Martha Mendoza, Margie Mason, Robin McDowell, Esther Htusan; Ian Urbina; James Verini[16]
2017 Shane Bauer Hannah Dreier; David Fahrenthold; Selam Gebrekidan, Stephen Grey, Amina Ismail[17]
2018 Dionne Searcey[18] Kristen Gelineau, Todd Pitman, Esther Htusan; Carol Marbin Miller, Audra D.S. Burch; John Woodrow Cox[19]


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