Military ranks of Hungary


The Military ranks of Hungary are the military insignia used by the Hungarian Defence Forces. Land Forces and Air Force ranks are the same. Hungary is a landlocked country and does not possess a navy.

Commissioned officer ranks

The rank insignia of commissioned officers.

Rank group General/flag officers Field/senior officers Junior officers Officer cadet
 Hungarian Ground Forces[1]
Army-HUN-OF-09.svg Army-HUN-OF-08.svg Army-HUN-OF-07.svg Army-HUN-OF-06.svg Army-HUN-OF-05.svg Rank Army Hungary OF-04.svg Rank Army Hungary OF-03.svg Rank Army Hungary OF-02.svg Rank Army Hungary OF-01b.svg Rank Army Hungary OF-01a.svg No insignia
Vezérezredes Altábornagy Vezérőrnagy Dandártábornok Ezredes Alezredes Őrnagy Százados Főhadnagy Hadnagy Honvéd­tisztje­lölt
Literal translation Chief Regiment (leader), Chief Regimental Commander Vice field marshal Leader Guard-Major Brigade-General Regiment (leader), Regimentist Junior Regiment (leader), Junior Regimentist Guard-Major Squadron (leader), Centurion Chief Military-Major Military-Major, Army-Major
English rank name General, Colonel General Lieutenant General Major General Brigadier General Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Major Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant

Other ranks

The rank insignia of non-commissioned officers and enlisted personnel.

Rank group Senior NCOs Junior NCOs Enlisted
 Hungarian Ground Forces[1]
Army-HUN-OR-09.svg Army-HUN-OR-08a.svg Army-HUN-OR-08b.svg Army-HUN-OR-07.svg Rank Army Hungary OR-06.svg Army-HUN-OR-05.svg Army-HUN-OR-04a.svg Rank Army Hungary OR-04b.svg Rank Army Hungary OR-02.svg Rank Army Hungary OR-01.svg
Főtörzszászlós Törzszászlós Zászlós Főtörzsőrmester Törzsőrmester Őrmester Szakaszvezető Tizedes Őrvezető Közkatona
Literal translation Chief Staff Flagbearer, Chief Staff Ensign Staff Flagbearer, Staff Ensign Flagbearer, Ensign Chief Staff Guard-Master Staff Guard-Master Guard-Master Platoon-Leader Squad (leader), Decurion Guard-Leader,
Patrol Leader
English rank name Chief Master Sergeant Senior Master Sergeant Master Sergeant Sergeant First Class Staff Sergeant Sergeant Junior Sergeant Corporal Lance Corporal Private (PV1)

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