Miranda (satellite)


COSPAR ID1974-013A
SATCAT no.07213[1]
Spacecraft properties
ManufacturerHawker Siddeley Dynamics
Launch mass92 kilograms (203 lb)[2]
Power2 deployable solar arrays
Start of mission
Launch date9 March 1974, 02:22:00 (1974-03-09UTC02:22Z) UTC
RocketScout D-1
Launch siteVandenberg SLC-5
Orbital parameters
Reference systemGeocentric
RegimeLow Earth Orbit
Perigee altitude714 kilometres (444 mi)
Apogee altitude916 kilometres (569 mi)
Inclination97.8 degrees
Period101.2 minutes
Epoch8 March 1974, 08:22:00 UTC [3]

Miranda, also known as X-4, is a British satellite in low Earth orbit. The satellite was launched in March 1974 as an engineering test bed of technologies in orbit.[2]

Miranda was named after a character in the Shakespeare play The Tempest,[4][5] just like Prospero (spacecraft) and Ariel 1.



Miranda used propane cold gas thrusters for attitude control.[1]


It contained a Canopus star sensor to determine the reflectivity and interference caused by the propane.[1]


Miranda was due to be launched by a British Black Arrow rocket, but due to the project's cancellation the payload was instead launched on the NASA-owned rocket Scout.[5]


Designed as an engineering test bed for various technologies in orbit, Miranda carried various sensors and detectors.[2]

Current status

The satellite is now non-active, but remains in low Earth orbit.

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