Mondamin (crater)


PIA21235 Dawn XMO2 Image 15.jpg
Photo showing half of Mondamin
Coordinates62°14′S 354°00′E / 62.24°S 354°E / -62.24; 354Coordinates: 62°14′S 354°00′E / 62.24°S 354°E / -62.24; 354[1]
Diameter126 kilometres (78 mi)
EponymMondamin, Ojibwe corn (maize) god

Mondamin is a large crater in the southern hemisphere of the dwarf planet Ceres, located at 62.24° S, 354° E. It has a diameter of 126 kilometres (78 mi).[1] The crater was named after Mondamin, an Ojibwe corn (maize) god, in 2015.[1]

Context - Mondamin crater
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