Montenegrin Navy
Mornarica Vojske Crne Gore
Montenegrin Navy coat of arms.png
Emblem of the Montenegrin Navy
BranchMilitary of Montenegro
RoleControl, protect and defend territorial sea
Size13 vessels
H/QNaval base Bar
EngagementsOperation ATALANTA
CaptainVesko Tomanović
EnsignFlag of the Navy of Montenegro.svg
JackNaval Jack of Montenegro.svg

The Montenegrin Navy (Montenegrin: Mornarica Vojske Crne Gore) is the naval branch of the military of Montenegro.

The Montenegrin Navy was established in 2006 following the secession of Montenegro from the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro. Nearly all of the navy's equipment was inherited from the armed forces of the State Union - as Montenegro contained the entire coastline of the former union, it retained practically the entire naval force.

Units & Structure

  • Mornarica Crne Gore.png Navy (Montenegrin: Mornarica)
    • Naval Surface Forces (Montenegrin: Površinske pomorske snage)
      • Patrolni Brod 33.png Patrol Boat 33 (Montenegrin: Patrolni Brod 33)
      • Patrolni Brod 34.png Patrol Boat 34 (Montenegrin: Patrolni Brod 34)
      • Odred za spašavanje.png Rescue Detachment (Montenegrin: Odred za spašavanje)
    • Observation Forces (Montenegrin: Snage za osmatranje)
      • Odred za nadzor mora.png Coastal Surveillance Detachment (Montenegrin: Odred za nadzor mora)
    • Special Forces (Montenegrin: Specijalne snage)
      • Pomorski odred.png Marine Detachment (Montenegrin: Pomorski odred)
    • Školski Brod "Jadran".png Training Ship "Jadran" (Montenegrin: Školski Brod "Jadran")
    • Vod za opsluživanje.png Serving Platoon (Montenegrin: Vod za opsluživanje)


  1. Deterring the armed threat to Montenegro:
    • Preparations for the defense (training, exercising and maintaining a high level of combat readiness).
    • Defence Cooperation
  2. Defense of the territorial waters:
    • Protection of the sovereignty of the waters and air space above it.
    • Defending against unconventional threats against the armed forces.
  3. Support to allied forces that are engaged in the defense of Montenegro.


Montenegrin Navy bases


Class Number Country Manufactured Notes Pictures
Kotor class frigate 2 In active service  Yugoslavia - P-33 Kotor
- P-34 Novi Sad

Withdrawn from service in 2019. Montenegro is currently looking for buyers for the ships. [1][2][3]

Patrolni brod klasa Kotor P34.jpg
Fast attack craft
Končar class fast attack craft 2 In active service  Yugoslavia - P-105 Durmitor
- RTOP-406 Ante Banina

Both are to be converted to patrol boats. [4] RTOP-405 recommissioned as P105 Durmitor patrol boat. No funds assigned as yet for conversion of RTOP-406 into a patrol boat. [5][6]

Rtop 405.jpg
Transport and support
PO-class 1 in reserve  Yugoslavia - PO91
Salvage tug 2 in active service  Yugoslavia - PR-41 (Orada)
- LR-77
PR41 ORADA.jpg
Sailing ship
Jadran 1 in active service  Germany Used as a training ship Jadran saling ship.JPEG
Motor sailboat 2 in active service  Yugoslavia - Bojana
- Milena
Sailing boatVCG.jpg
Diving boat 2 in active service  Yugoslavia -Ronilačka baraksa 81
-Ronilačka barkasa 85
Motor boat Polycat 1 in active service  Netherlands
Motor boat 1 in active service  Yugoslavia - ČM 33
Inflatable boat
Valiant 620PT 2 in active service  United Kingdom Used by Marine Platoon Montenegrian Military inflatable boat.jpg
Motor yacht
Jadranka 1 for sale [7]  Yugoslavia VIP Yacht Jadranka Presidential yacht in Military of Montenegro.png
Floating crane
Floating crane 1 in active service  Yugoslavia LDI 18 LDI18.jpg


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