Montfort School, Anakkara


Montfort School, Anakkara


MottoTruth Triumphs
Patron saint(s)St. Louis Grignion de Montfort

Montfort School, Anakkara is the first Montfortian School in Kerala started in June 1995. Montfort Brothers have been working in India for over 100 years. A good number of these Brothers hail from Kerala.


Montfort School is located 15 km from Thekkady, the renowned wildlife destination and spice village.


After the division of the Southern Province of the Montfort Brothers in 1993 the Brothers of the Yercaud Province were looking for a place in the High Ranges of Kerala to establish an English Medium School.

Rev. Fr. Mathew Nellary who was the Director of Malanadu Development Society based at Anakkara in Idukki District had a great desire to see a good school at Anakkara. So he wrote to some religious congregations asking them to start a school there.

He wrote a letter on 1 October 1993 to Bro. Antony Francisco who was the director of Montfort School, Yercaud. Since a positive reply came from Yercaud, Rev. Fr. Mathew Nellary went to Yercaud to meet the concerned people and to discuss matters about starting of a school here. Thus, it was decided to look for a suitable place for the school in the Anakkara Parish.


The school motto is "Truth Triumphs", i.e. may truth prevail in the efforts of the teachers and in their thoughts as they pursue good moral and intellectual formations besides physical and spiritual development.


The emblem expresses the school's vision and objectives. The book and the lamp signify learning for enlightenment. The cross symbolizes sacrifice and that the school is based on Christian Principles. The flame signifies Truth, Commitment and Justice in the efforts of the staff and students towards the attainment of their goals.

The palm trees are emblems of the Eastern World, and in particular they symbolize the native flora of Kerala State . The letters D and S are an abbreviation of the motto of the Montfort Brothers Dieu Seul, which translated means "God Alone".


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