Mordad (Persian: Mordād‎, Persian pronunciation: [moɾˈdɒːd][1]) is the fifth month of the Solar Hijri calendar, the official calendar of Iran and Afghanistan.[1] Mordad has thirty-one days,[1] beginning in July and ending in August of the Gregorian calendar[citation needed]. It is the second month of summer after Tir, and is followed by Shahrivar.[1]

The name "Mordad" derives from Middle Persian "Amurdad" from Avestan 'Ameretat', the Zoroastrian divinity of "immortality", and under whose protection the month stands[citation needed].


28 - 1332 - Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh is overthrown in a coup d'état with the backing of the United States Central Intelligence Agency, beginning the nearly 25-year reign of the pro-US Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi. In the West, the August 19th 1953 coup is commonly known as by its CIA cryptonym, Operation Ajax, whereas in Iran it is commonly referred to as the 28th Mordad Coup.



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