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National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute" (MPEI) is a public university based in Moscow, Russia. It offers training in the fields of Power Engineering, Electric Engineering, Radio Engineering, Electronics, Information Technologies and Management.[1]

National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute"
Московский энергетический институт (National Research University)
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MottoEnergia omnium fundamentum (Энергия — основа всего)
RectorNikolay Rogalev
Studentsca. 20,000


MPEI was founded in 1930.[2] In 2011 it obtained the status of National Research University.[3] Therefore, the new official name is National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute”. In the world of emerging challenges, MPEI could actually be recognized as an ark that brings stability and quality in education. The well-settled high percentage of graduates that are successfully employed in their home countries has always been an advantage of MPEI study. The Russian core of MPEI student medium benefits from quality lecturers and professors, as well as the foreigners that take the Preliminary course of Russian language beforehand, or those who study in several English groups.

About MPEIEdit

At MPEI there are 12 Institutes, 65 departments, 176 scientific laboratories, research construction bureau and test factory, unique educational TPP, educational Solar Power Plant, the biggest scientific technical library countrywide, stadium “Energia”, palace of culture and a swimming pool. Among the teaching staff there are 7 Academicians of RAS, 262 Science Doctors, 715 Philosophy Doctors. The Study Campus is in Moscow Lefortovo district. The dormitories for students, health center, canteens, cafes are at the Campus at the Energeticheskaya, Lapina, 1st Sininchkina streets and Energeticheskiy passway. The newspaper “Power Engineer”, the “Radio MPEI” and the “MPEI TV” are all part of students’ cultural ambience. MPEI has prepared more than 200,000 specialists in different branches of science and technics.

Student life at MPEIEdit

Lectures at MPEI are read professionally. Standard student’s scholarship is about 2000 roubles. The study week consists of 6 working days. In the first years’ vacation time students can participate in the construction camp work and in the senior years practice work at the enterprises is compulsory. The Spartakiade of the faculties in 9 sports is held annually, as well as the “Miss 1st year” contest, “Miss MPEI”, “KVN”, faculty meetings and disco parties. The Radio MPEI project was founded in 2011 and since then has been constantly warming up the lunch break ambiance. The project was totally organized by students and is a subdivision of the Students’ Trade Committee.

Teaching international studentsEdit

Foreigners, starting from the 1950s, were entering MPEI without entrance exams. In order to raise their Russian knowledge to the satisfactory level, MPEI organized pre-university training courses. In these courses, foreigners are studying Russian language and specialized subjects in Russian. Foreigners from 70 countries study at the University. Graduates who decided to work as MPEI teachers, are welcome to continue their education at the Faculty of Qualification Raising or to fulfill the long-term 10-month science internship.


MPEI is an actual member of many international associations: UNESCO, UNIDO, IAEA, International Association for Continuous Engineering Education, International Coordination Council of Educational Institutions Alumni, CIGRE Russian National Committee, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Council on Superconductivity, World Wind Energy Association, European Association for International Education, Association of International Departments of Technical Universities of Central and Eastern Europe.

Following institutes are subdivisions of the UniversityEdit

  • Institute of Power Machinery and Mechanics
  • Institute of Thermal and Nuclear Power Engineering
  • Institute of Energy Efficiency and Hydrogen Technologies
  • Institute of Electrical Engineering
  • Institute of Electrical Power Engineering
  • Institute of Information Technologies and Computer Science
  • Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics
  • Institute of Humanities and Applied Sciences
  • Engineering-Economic Institute
  • Institute of Remote and Additional Education
  • Institute of Electronics and Nano Electronics
  • Institute of Hydropower and Renewable Energy
  • Military Engineering Institute

More information could be find on the University website:

Notable studentsEdit

Further readingEdit

  • A book by Prof. Lev Davidovich Belkind, P.P.Elisarov, V.V. Meshkov and others about the first 50 years of activity of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Russian) (Russian: 50 лет Московского ордена Ленина энергетического института имени В.М. Молотова 1905-1955, Белькинд Л.Д., Елизаров П.П., Мешков В.В. и др., Москва, 1955)


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