Motorway 8 (Greece)


The Greek Motorway 8 (Greek: Αυτοκινητόδρομος 8), is a motorway in Greece. Part of the Olympia Odos network, the motorway connects Athens with Patras in southwestern Greece, spanning a total of 215 km (134 mi).

A8 motorway shield
A8 motorway
Αυτοκινητόδρομος 8
Route information
Part of E94 and E65
Maintained by Olympia Odos S.A.
Length215 km (134 mi)
History1962–1973: Constructed as National Road 8A
2008: Eleusis–Corinth section reassigned as A8 motorway
Since 2008: Corinth–Rio section upgraded to dual carriageway standard and completed in 2017
Major junctions
East endEleusis East
Major intersectionsEleusis interchange:
Autokinetodromos A6 number.svg to Athens airport
Corinth interchange:
Autokinetodromos A7 number.svg to Kalamata
West endRio interchange:
Autokinetodromos A5 number.svg to Ioannina and Patras
RegionsAttica, Peloponnese, West Greece
Major citiesEleusis, Corinth, Aigio
Highway system
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The motorway replaces Greek National Road 8A, which has been upgraded to modern motorway standards. The completion date was scheduled for 2014.[1] Since April 2017, the entire motorway from Eleusis to Patras is fully operational.[2]


Olympia Odos S.A. will maintain and operate the road for a total of 30 years. Operations will include two Traffic Control Centers built to operate 24/7 in order to handle emergency calls, as well as monitor traffic situations and contact emergency services when needed. Also, as part of the construction deal, 24/7 patrols, worksite protection, timely detection and response to incidents, and special services in the winter, are included.

During the construction phase, routine maintenance and work for all parts of the infrastructure of the existing National roads had been conducted.


As of 2017, there are 4 toll stations on the A8: at Eleusis, the Isthmus, Zevgolateio and Rio. The section between Eleusis and Corinth has 3 lanes per direction. There are service areas in Nea Peramos, Megara, Isthmus, Kiato, Akrata and Aigio.[3]

Construction progressEdit

On September 2, 2016, the first fully completed Olympia Odos segment, the section between Ancient Corinth and Kiato (20 km with 2 lanes in each direction + emergency lane and two interchanges in Zevgolatio and Kiato), was officially opened to traffic, with the presence of the Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras.[4] Although there were still some minor scale works (mostly on interchanges), traffic flow was not impacted. On the same day, the Derveni tunnels were given to public use. On December 19, 2016 another 9 km opened in Olympia Odos from Kiato to Xylokastro, without the Xylokastro interchange which was opened in February together with Derveni Interchange.

Any remaining segments of the motorway under construction were completed and opened to traffic in April 2017 when the official inauguration of the road took place as well,[2] at the same month that segments of the A5 motorway and the A1 motorway's Tempe tunnels were also inaugurated and opened to traffic.


Westbound (direction Patras)Edit

Eastbound (direction Athens)Edit

Exit listEdit

      Under construction
Regional unit Exit Name Destinations Notes/Also as
West Attica 1 Eleusis east   GR-8 to Athens Eastern terminus of the motorway
1A Eleusis airport
1B Eleusis centre
2 Eleusis west   GR-3   E962
3 Eleusis interchange   A6   E94 to Athens International Airport
4 Megara east, Nea Peramos
5 Megara south   GR-60 to Megara Airport
6 Panorama
7 Kineta
Corinthia 8 Agioi Theodoroi
Loutraki   GR-8
9 Isthmia, Epidaurus   GR-8   GR-10 to Epidaurus
10 Corinth, Examilia   GR-8
11 Corinth interchange   A7   E65 to Tripoli, Kalamata
12 Ancient Corinth   GR-7
14 Zevgolateio
15 Kiato
16 Xylokastro
17 Derveni
Achaea 18 Akrata
19 Trapeza, Kalavryta
20 Nikolaiika
21 Aigio east   GR-31
22 Aigio west   GR-8
23 Selianitika   GR-8
24 Psathopyrgos
25 Arachovitika
26 University of Patras
27 Rio interchange   A5   E55   E65 to Ioannina Western terminus of the motorway


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