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Moxie Sozo is a Boulder, Colorado-based design and advertising agency founded in 1999 by Leif Steiner.

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Moxie Sozo creatives hard at work in Boulder.

Awards and recognitionEdit

Computer Arts Magazine UK[1] named Moxie Sozo "Studio of the Month" and has included the agency in other areas of its publication to provide advice and guidance for other firms.[2] Moxie Sozo's packaging design awards were featured in Choi's Gallery,[3] a bi-monthly publication dedicated to reviewing graphics. Moxie Sozo's creative design efforts for Jade Monk Beverage Co.,[4] Left Hand Brewing Co.[5] and LEAP Organics[6] were all recipients of the "Best Packaging Design" award in Choi's Gallery for 2011.

Environmental initiativesEdit

Moxie Sozo's operations, including all business travel, are 100% carbon neutral. Their carbon offset supports the non-profit organization Clean Air-Cool Planet.[7] Their zero-waste operations program is operated, monitored and audited by Eco-Cycle.

The Hurricane Poster Project and The Haiti Poster ProjectEdit

In 2005, after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Steiner organized a group of international designers and artists to create The Hurricane Poster Project. Designers from all over the world were asked to make and submit posters that could be then sold online to raise money for the victims and the Red Cross. More than 180 different limited-edition series of posters were produced, raising more than US$50,000. In 2007, Leif Steiner was awarded the Circle of Humanitarians Award, the American Red Cross's highest honor.

Three days after the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Leif Steiner of Moxie Sozo and Josh Higgins organized The Haiti Poster Project, a collaboration of 350 designers from 17 countries. The project gained worldwide media attention within days of launching, and the effort has raised thousands of dollars for victims of the earthquake. As a result of this effort, Steiner – along with Lead Designer and Pentagram (design studio) Partner Harry Pearce[8] and Photographer Richard Foster[9] – won the D&AD Professional Award[10] for his contributions to the Haiti disaster relief.[11]

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