NK Imotski
NK Imotski logo.png
Full nameNogometni klub Imotski
Founded3 March 1991
GroundGospin dolac
ChairmanMate Tolić
ManagerAnte Knezović Zuba
LeagueTreća HNL South
WebsiteClub website

NK Imotski is a Croatian football club based in the town of Imotski, in the region of Dalmatia. As of 2019, they play in Treća HNL, Croatia's third level.


NK Imotski were founded in 1991. They played several years in the 2. HNL, the Croatian second division, being relegated in 2013 and again in 2017.[1][2]

Nationalist symbols controversy

In October 2007, the Croatian newspaper Slobodna Dalmacija reported that NK Imotski's club dress had Ustaša-related symbols (The letter U and the Independent State of Croatia-resembling coat of arms inside the letter. That was, in fact, the logo of the club's leading sponsor, the edile company "gUj" (meaning "Gojko Und Jure"). Some historians and critics claim the symbols display is an open praising of the Ustaše, a World War II-era Nazi regime in Croatia.[3]

The club's president Nediljko Tolo said that "as long as the sponsor finances our club, we will carry those symbols on our kits".[4]

According to the club's web site, the shirt with the logo have become a "hit" among the fans and have been widely accepted.[5]

In early November 2007 Croatian Second League Association announced that NK Imotski violated FIFA, Croatian Football Federation rules and laws of Republic of Croatia. NK Imotski had to quit a sponsorship deal with "Gojko und Jure" until the company changes its logo. NK Imotski had to find new kits for the players and remove all "Gojko und Jure" advertisements around the stadium.[6]


Imotski play in the Gospin dolac, which has been named among the most beautiful stadiums in the world by media outlets including the BBC.[7]


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