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NPO Radio 2 is a public-service radio station from the Netherlands, broadcasting in an adult hits format, focusing on music from the 1980s to the 2010s and current hits, however 1960s and 1970s hits may also air. It is part of the Netherlands Public Broadcasting system, NPO. It can be compared with the BBC radio station of the same name.

NPO Radio 2
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Broadcast areaNetherlands
FormatHot AC, Dance, Oldies, Pop, Mainstream rock
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NPO Radio 2 Soul & Jazz
First air date
1947 (as Hilversum 1)
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Radio 2 logo used until 2014.

According to 2018 statistics, Radio 2 has a 12% audience market share, a number higher than any other station in the Netherlands, therefore, the commercial station Radio 538 was -except the annual Top 2000 period- the Dutch marketleader for the 14 past years.[1] Since 2019, NPO Radio 2 has been frequently the market share leader of all Dutch radiostations, however since the August - September 2021 it was passed by the commercial Qmusic in the audience 10 years and over. [2]


The origins of the station go back to "Hilversum 1", launched in 1947. The name change to "Radio 2" took place on 1 December 1985.[3] On 19 August 2014, the name was changed to "NPO Radio 2".

Target audience and contentEdit

The primary target adult audience comprises listeners aged between 35 and 55, while NPO 3FM is aimed at listeners aged 15–34. The station plays a wide variety of songs from the 1980s to 1990s, though 1960s and 1970s songs may also be incorporated. Current hits air occasionally and are based upon NPO 3FM's Mega Top 30 chart.[3]

NPO Radio 2 is also known for its annual NPO Radio 2 Top 2000 presentation, broadcast since 1999 continuously from Christmas Day till New Year's Day 0:00 CET "the 2000 best songs ever made" voted by the listeners.[4]

Content contributorsEdit

As of 2020, the following broadcasting organizations participate in the production of NPO Radio 2's programming:

Current DJsEdit

  • Leo Blokhuis (BNNVARA)
  • Giel Beelen (BNNVARA)
  • Wouter van der Goes (KRO-NCRV)
  • Jan-Willem Roodbeen (BNNVARA)
  • Jeroen Kijk in de Vegte (BNNVARA)
  • Lisette Wellens (WNL)
  • Dolf Jansen (BNNVARA)
  • Felix Meurders (BNNVARA)
  • Ruud de Wild (KRO-NCRV)
  • Bart Arens (AVRTROS)
  • Corné Klijn (AVROTROS)
  • Frank van 't Hof (BNNVARA)
  • Annemieke Schollaardt (AVROTROS)
  • Emmely de Wilt (KRO-NCRV)
  • Jeroen van Inkel (BNNVARA)
  • Carolien Borgers (WNL)
  • Maaike Timmerman (WNL)
  • Welmoed Sijtsma (WNL)
  • Martine ten Klooster (WNL)
  • Eddy Keur (Powned)
  • Nikki Herr (Powned)
  • One'sy Muller (AVROTROS)
  • Rick van Velthuysen (Powned)
  • Paul Rabbering (AVRTROS)
  • Henk van Steeg (EO)
  • Gijs Staverman (KRO-NCRV)
  • Stefan Stasse (KRO-NCRV)
  • Shay Kreuger (BNNVARA)
  • Simone Walraven (AVROTROS)
  • Thomas Hekker (BNNVARA)


  • De warmste zender van Nederland (The warmest channel in the Netherlands) (1992-1995)
  • Je voelt je thuis (You're feeling at home) (1995-2001, this slogan is now used by NPO Radio 5)
  • Je hoort nog eens wat (You hear something again) (2001-2008)
  • Radio 2 is overal (Radio 2 is everywhere) (2008-2011)
  • De muziek zegt alles (The music is everything) (2011-2013)
  • Come Together (2013-2015)
  • NPO Radio 2 is AAN (NPO Radio 2 is ON) (5th. October 2015-30th. October 2018)
  • Er is maar één NPO Radio 2 (There is only ONE NPO Radio 2) (1 November 2018 – present)

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