Nasreddin (crater)


Crater characteristics
Charon Nasreddin.jpg
Nasreddin crater appears in the center of this image
Coordinates25°30′N 51°24′W / 25.5°N 51.4°W / 25.5; -51.4 (Nasreddin)[1]
Diameter29.7 kilometres (18.5 mi)
DiscovererNew Horizons
EponymSufi traveler from folklore

Nasreddin is a crater on Pluto's largest moon, Charon. The crater was first observed by NASA's New Horizons space probe on its flyby of Pluto in 2015. The name was chosen as a reference to Nasreddin, the hero of humorous folktales told throughout the Middle East, Southern Europe, and parts of Asia.[1]

The location of Nasreddin crater is in the northern Pluto-facing hemisphere of Charon, north of Mandjet Chasma in a region informally called Oz Terra.[2] The crater has bright bluish rays, which have exposed both ammonia ice and water ice.[3]

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