Nimoo Bazgo Hydroelectric Plant


The Nimoo Bazgo Power Project is a run-of-the-river power project on the Indus River situated at Alchi village, 75 kilometres (47 mi) from Leh in the Indian Union Territory of Ladakh. The project was conceived on 1 July 2001 and approved on 8 June 2005, and construction began on 23rd Sept, 2006. The project involves construction of a 57-high m (187 ft) concrete dam with five spillway blocks of 13 m (43 ft) each having ogee profile.

Alchi Dam
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Alchi Dam
Nimoo Bazgo Hydroelectric Plant is located in Ladakh
Nimoo Bazgo Hydroelectric Plant
Location of Alchi Dam in Ladakh
Nimoo Bazgo Hydroelectric Plant is located in India
Nimoo Bazgo Hydroelectric Plant
Nimoo Bazgo Hydroelectric Plant (India)
Coordinates34°12′55″N 77°11′06″E / 34.21528°N 77.18500°E / 34.21528; 77.18500Coordinates: 34°12′55″N 77°11′06″E / 34.21528°N 77.18500°E / 34.21528; 77.18500
Construction beganSeptember 2006
Owner(s)NHPC Limited
Dam and spillways
Type of damConcrete-face rock-fill
ImpoundsIndus River
Height57 m (187 ft)
Spillway typeBlocks
Spillway capacity13 m (43 ft)
Nimoo Bazgo Hydroelectric Plant
Operator(s)NHPC Limited
Commission dateUnit#3: Dec 2012, Unit#2: Jan 2013, Unit#1: June 2013
Hydraulic head372 m (1,220 ft)
Turbines3 x 15 MW Francis-type
Installed capacity45 MW
Alchi Hydroelectric Power Plant

The Nimoo Bazgo power project envisages utilizing a rated net head of 34 m (112 ft) to generate 239.30 gigawatt-hours (861.5 terajoules)[clarification needed] in a 90% dependable year. The project has three surface power units of 15 MW (20,000 hp) each with a total installed capacity of 45 megawatts (60,000 hp). Every unit has a 3.3 m (11 ft) diameter, each 63 m-long (207 ft) penstocks. Each operating unit will be designed for a discharge of 48.7 m3/s (1,720 cu ft/s) and also have transformer yard and switch yard. The project will be connected to the northern grid through a 220 kV transmission line from Leh to Srinagar (the line is scheduled for commissioning with project commissioning). The dam diverts water from the river by a 372 m (1,220 ft) long diversion channel and involves a flooding of only 3.42 km2 (1.32 sq mi). Thus the power density is 13.16 megawatts per square kilometre (13.16 W/m2; 34.1 MW/sq mi). The project is being developed by National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC) Ltd., while Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. (BHEL) has executed the Electro-Mechanical works.

All the three units of the project have been successfully commissioned. The project was inaugurated on 12 August 2014 by the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, in a ceremony attended by senior officials including Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir Omar Abdullah, National Security Adviser Ajit Kumar Doval and others.[1]


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