No. 267 Squadron RAF


No. 267 Squadron RAF
Dakota 267 Sqn RAF in flight over Adria 1944.jpg
A 267 Squadron Douglas Dakota C.III in flight, 1944
Active27 September 1918–1 August 1923
19 August 1940–30 June 1946
15 February 1954–1 November 1958
1 November 1962 – 30 June 1970
Disbanded30 June 1970
Country United Kingdom
Branch Royal Air Force
Motto(s)Sine Mora (Without delay)
EngagementsFirst World War

Second World War

No. 267 Squadron RAF was a unit of the Royal Air Force that served during World War I & World War II. The squadron has been formed a total of four times.


The squadron was formed at RAF Kalafrana, Malta on 27 September 1918 from Nos. 360, 361, 362 and 363 Flights as an anti-submarine unit flying patrols in the Mediterranean Sea until the end of hostilities and remained at Malta until being renumbered No. 481 Flight on 1 August 1923.

On 19 August 1940, the squadron was reformed from Communication Unit, Heliopolis RAF as a transport squadron for operational duties in Egypt. In August 1942, operations extended to transport throughout the Mediterranean area and also undertook supply-dropping missions to resistance fighters in Italy and the Balkans, including Operation Wildhorn, the operation to bring back parts of a recovered V-2 rocket from Poland. The squadron moved to Italy in November 1943 and later to India in February 1945 during the Fourteenth Army's final offensive during the Burma campaign. The squadron disbanded on 30 June 1946, although continued operations until 21 July.

Reformed on 15 February 1954 at RAF Kuala Lumpur, Malaya as a transport support and communications squadron. It was renumbered No. 209 Squadron on 1 November 1958. The squadron was again reformed as a transport squadron on 1 November 1962 at RAF Benson with No. 38 Group until being disbanded on 30 June 1970.

Aircraft operated


Date Type Notes
1918-1921 Short 184
1918-1921 Felixstowe F.3
1918-1923 Felixstowe F.2A
1920-1923 Fairey IIID
1940-1942 Various Variety of different aircraft for communications duties
1942-1943 Lockheed Hudson IV
1942-1943 Lockheed Hudson VI
1943-1946 Douglas Dakota
1954-1958 Douglas Dakota
1954-1958 Auster AOP.6
1954-1958 Scottish Aviation Pioneer CC.1
1954-1958 Percival Pembroke C.1
1954-1956 North American Harvard T.2B
1962-1970 Hawker Siddeley Argosy C.1



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