No. 309 Polish Fighter-Reconnaissance Squadron


No. 309 "Land of Czerwien" Polish Fighter Squadron
309th Polish Army-Cooperation Squadron.svg
309 Squadron logo
Active8 Nov 1940 – 6 Jan 1947
CountryUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
AllegiancePoland Polish government in exile
RoleReconnaissance/Fighter Squadron
Part ofRAF Fighter Command
Nickname(s)Dywizjon Współpracy "Ziemi Czerwieńskiej"
Henryk Pietrzak
Squadron CodesAR, from 1944 WC

No. 309 (Land of Czerwień) Polish Fighter-Reconnaissance Squadron was one of several Polish squadrons in the Royal Air Force (RAF) during the Second World War. It was formed as part of an agreement between the Polish Government in Exile and the United Kingdom in 1940. It was at first a reconnaissance squadron but it was later converted into a fighter squadron.


The squadron was formed on 8 November 1940 in the RAF base at RAF Renfrew near Glasgow. The squadron was declared operational on 5 December 1940.


8 November 1940 ppłk pil. Zygmunt Pistl
12 February 1943 mjr pil. Witold Jacek Piotrowski
15 November 1943 kpt. pil. Maciej Piotrowski
3 April 1944 kpt. pil. Jerzy Gołko
9 September 1944 kpt. pil. Antoni Głowacki
7 August 1945 kpt. pil. Henryk Pietrzak

Aircraft operated

From Aircraft Version
8 November 1940 Westland Lysander Mk-II and Mk-III
1 June 1942 (flight B) North American Mustang Mk-I
19 January 1944 Hawker Hurricane Mk-IV
23 January 1944 Hawker Hurricane Mk-IIC
1 September 1944 North American Mustang Mk-I
20 November 1944 North American Mustang Mk-III

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