No. 432 Squadron RCAF


No. 432 Squadron RCAF
432 All Weather Fighter Squadron RCAF
No. 432 Squadron RCAF badge.jpg
Country Canada
BranchRoyal Canadian Air Force Ensign (1941-1968).svg Royal Canadian Air Force
RoleStrategic bombing (1943–1945)
Fighter-interceptor (1954–1961)
Part ofNo. 6 Group RCAF (1943–1945)
Motto(s)Saeviter ad Lucem
("Ferociously towards the light")
Battle honours
  • English Channel & North Sea 1943
  • Fortress Europe 1944–1945
  • France and Germany 1944–1945
  • Biscay Ports 1944
  • Ruhr 1943–1945
  • Berlin 1943–1944
  • German Ports 1943–1945
  • Normandy 1944
  • Rhine, Biscay 1943
Squadron CodeQO (1943–1945)
Squadron BadgeArgent in front of a full moon Argent a Cougar leaping downwards Sable armed and langued Gules.
Aircraft flown
BomberVickers Wellington Mk.X
Avro Lancaster Mk.II
Handley Page Halifax Mk.III & VII (1943–1945)
FighterAvro Canada CF-100 Canuck (1954–1961)

No. 432 Squadron RCAF was a squadron of the Royal Canadian Air Force formed during the Second World War.


It was first formed at RAF Skipton-on-Swale in May 1943, as part of No. 6 Group of RAF Bomber Command. The unit was equipped with Wellington Mk.X bombers.[1]

The squadron deployed to RAF East Moor in mid-September, equipping with Lancaster Mk.IIs in October. In February 1944 they changed to Halifax Mk.IIIs, upgrading these to Halifax Mk.VIIs in July.[1][2]

As part of a Royal Canadian Air Force public relations plan, the town of Leaside officially "adopted" No. 432 Squadron RCAF. Formed and adopted on 1 May 1943 the squadron took the town's name as its nickname, becoming 432 "Leaside" Squadron RCAF. The sponsorship lasted the duration of the war.[3]

The squadron was disbanded at East Moor in May, 1945.[1]

On October 1, 1954, it was reformed as a fighter squadron at CFB Bagotville flying the Canadian designed Avro CF-100. The squadron was again disbanded on October 15, 1961.[4]

Manuel Sharko was a mid-upper gunner in a Halifax bomber during the war.


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