Norwegian Bay


Norwegian Bay
Norwegian Bay and some of its islands.
Norwegian Bay is located in Nunavut
Norwegian Bay
Norwegian Bay
LocationArctic ocean
Coordinates77°29′59″N 90°29′59″W / 77.49972°N 90.49972°W / 77.49972; -90.49972 (Norwegian Bay)Coordinates: 77°29′59″N 90°29′59″W / 77.49972°N 90.49972°W / 77.49972; -90.49972 (Norwegian Bay)
Basin countriesCanada
Max. length161 km (100 mi)[1]
Max. width145 km (90 mi)

Norwegian Bay (French: Baie Norvégienne) is an Arctic Ocean waterway in the Qikiqtaaluk Region of Nunavut, Canada. Amund Ringnes Island is to the northwest (separated by the Hendriksen Strait from Cornwall Island), and Axel Heiberg Island is to the north. (Both Amund Ringnes Island and Axel Heiberg Island are part of the Sverdrup Islands.) Ellesmere Island is to the east, and Devon Island is to the south.

Six islands lie within Norwegian Bay. They are, from largest to smallest:


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