DesignerIntuitive Machines
Country of originUS
ApplicationsLunar payloads delivery
Spacecraft typeLander
Dry mass1,500 kg (3,300 lb) [1]
Payload capacity85 kg (187 lb) [1]
DimensionsHeight: 3 m
Diameter: 1 m [1]
Power200 W [2]
Statusin development
First launchProposed: 2021 [3][2]
Related spacecraft
Derived fromProject Morpheus.[2]

Nova-C is a lunar lander designed by the private company Intuitive Machines to deliver small commercial payloads to the surface of the Moon.

Intuitive Machines was one of the 9 contractor companies selected by NASA in November 2018,[4] and this is the lander that is being proposed as part of the new NASA program called Commercial Lunar Payload Services[1][5] and it may be launched on a SpaceX rocket[1] in 2021.[3][2] NASA anticipates making an award in May 2019.[4]


Nova-C lunar lander was designed by Intuitive Machines, and it inherits technology developed by NASA's Project Morpheus.[2] It features a spacecraft propellant system that uses methane and oxygen, and an autonomous landing and hazard detection technology. After landing, the lander is capable of relocating by performing a vertical takeoff, cruise, and vertical landing.[2] Methane and oxygen could also be potentially manufactured on the Moon and Mars.[6][7] (See: In-situ resource utilization.) Nova-C is capable of 24/7 data coverage for its client payload, and can hold a payload of at least 85 kg.[1] The Nova-C lander design provides a technology platform that scales to mid and large lander classes, capable of accommodating larger payloads.[8]

Nova-C is proposed to NASA's CLPS as the first lander of this program, that is focused on the exploration and use of natural resources of the Moon.[8]

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