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Turin Astrophysical Observatory
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Alternative namesObservatory of Turin Edit this at Wikidata
Observatory code 022 Edit this on Wikidata
LocationPino Torinese, Province of Turin, Piedmont, Italy
Coordinates45°02′29″N 7°45′54″E / 45.041292°N 7.765135°E / 45.041292; 7.765135Coordinates: 45°02′29″N 7°45′54″E / 45.041292°N 7.765135°E / 45.041292; 7.765135
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Observatory of Turin is located in Italy
Observatory of Turin
Location of Observatory of Turin
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The Observatory of Turin (Italian: Osservatorio Astronomico di Torino, also known as Pino Torinese; obs. code: 022) is an astronomical observatory owned and operated by Italy's National Institute for Astrophysics (Italian: Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica, INAF). It is located on the top of a hill in the town of Pino Torinese near Turin, in the north Italian Piedmont region. The observatory was founded in 1759. At Pino Torinese, several asteroid discoveries were made by Italian astronomer Luigi Volta in the late 1920s and early 1930s. The asteroid 2694 Pino Torinese was named after the observatory's location.[1]

Asteroids discovered at Pino Torinese

1107 Lictoria 30 March 1929 [A]
1115 Sabauda 13 December 1928 [A]
1191 Alfaterna 11 February 1931 [A]
1238 Predappia 4 February 1932 [A]
1332 Marconia 9 January 1934 [A]
(30768) 1983 YK 29 December 1983 [B][C]
Discovery made by:
A L. Volta · B G. Massone · C G. DeSanctis

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