Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority


The Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority (OSIDA) is a development authority created by the state of Oklahoma to operate a spaceport near Burns Flat, Oklahoma.[1]

Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority
Agency overview
JurisdictionState of Oklahoma
Agency executive
  • Craig Smith

The Authority's primary asset is the former Clinton-Sherman Industrial Airpark, a former military airport featuring a redundant 13,503-foot-long paved runway. The airpark has been renamed the Oklahoma Air & Space Port. Although the Oklahoma Spaceport received a Commercial Space Transportation license from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration in June 2006, the Spaceport has not yet hosted any sub-orbital spaceflights or launches of spacecraft into earth orbit.[1] However, the facility is still listed as an FAA currently-licensed launch site as of June 2020.[2]

The first executive director of the Authority was Bill Khourie. Craig Smith became the new executive director in 2020 upon Khourie's retirement after 18 years of service.[3]

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