Ottaviano di Paoli


Ottaviano di Paoli (surname given variously) (died 1206) was an Italian Cardinal.

He was a papal legate in France in the 1170s, and was created cardinal in 1182, as cardinal-deacon of Ss. Sergio e Bacco. He was then legate to Henry II of England, and in Umbria.

He became Cardinal-bishop of Ostia in 1189, continuing as a diplomat trying to resolve the Anglo-French conflict in Normandy, with Giordano di Ceccano.

He participated in the papal elections of October 1187, December 1187, 1191 and January 1198. He subscribed the papal bulls between 2 January 1183 and 8 November 1205. He became Dean of the Sacred College of Cardinals in October 1200.


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