P. V. R. Rao


P. V. R. Rao
OccupationCivil servant, writer
Known forDefence Secretary (India)
AwardsPadma Vibhushan

Pattadakal Venkanna Raghavendra Rao was an Indian civil servant, writer and the sixth defence secretary of India.[1] He assumed office on 21 November 1962, the day the Sino-Indian War ended[2] and held the position until 3 April 1965. He was the author of three books, India's Defence Policy and Organisation Since Independence,[3] Defence without drift[4] and Red Tape and White Cap.[5] The Government of India awarded him Padma Vibhushan, the second highest Indian civilian award, in 1967.[6]

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Preceded by
O. Pulla Reddy
Defence Secretary (India)
Succeeded by
A. D. Pandit