Pakistan Army ranks and insignia


The Pakistan Army ranks and insignia are the military insignia used by the Pakistan Army. The officers and JCOs in khaki uniform wear their rank insignia on the shoulders, while NCOs wear them on the arm. In CCD, all army personnel wear their insignia on the chest.[1][2] Pakistan inherits British Army rank system like most commonwealth country prior to being a Ex-British country.[3][4]


Rank group General/flag officers Field/senior officers Junior officers Officer cadet
  Pakistan Army[6]
Field marshal
فیلڈ مارشل
Lieutenant general
لیفٹیننٹ جنرل
Major general
میجر جنرل
Lieutenant colonel
لیفٹیننٹ کرنل
Second lieutenant
سیکنڈ لیفٹیننٹ

Officer Rank Command information[7][8]Edit

Officer Rank Typical Command Size Typical command appointment Typical time taken for a promotion
Officer Cadet No Command N/A
Second Lieutenant 15 - 40 Soldiers Commander of Squad Units After completing officer training
Lieutenant Commander of a Platoon Up to 2 years after reaching Second Lieutenant rank
Captain 100 - 200 Soldiers Commander of a Company

Deputy Commander of a Battalion

After 3 Years of commissioned service
Major After being in the Army for between 8 and 10 years
Lieutenant Colonel 500 - 950 soldiers and officers Commander of a Battalion

Deputy Commander of a Brigade

After Being in Army for 15 years
Colonel 3000 - 5000 Soldiers Commander of a Brigade At least 22 years of service and 3 years as LTC
Brigadier 10,000 - 18,000 Soldiers Deputy Commander of

a Division

25 years of service and then selected by the board

of Generals

Major General N/A Commander of a Division Nomination
Lieutenant General Corps Commander of Specific Corp Nomination
General Field Army President of Pakistan

Prime Minister of Pakistan


Field Marshal Commander-In-ChiefOf Army President of Pakistan


^ The rank of Field Marshal is currently reserved for wartime purposes and for ceremonies; there has been only one Field Marshal in history of Pakistan.[9][10]

Non-commissioned officers and enlistedEdit

The Non-Commissioned Officers rank insignia are displayed on sleeves and from the rank 'Lance Naik' the non-commissioned officer status starts. The ranks of Company Quartermaster Havildar, Company Havildar Major, Battalion Quartermaster Havildar and Battalion Havildar Major are company/battalion appointments held by senior Havildars and these badges are worn on the right wrist.[11]

Rank group Junior commissioned officers Non commissioned officer Enlisted
  Pakistan Army[6]
            No insignia
صوبیدار میجر/رسالدار میجر۔
Naib Subedar/Naib Risaldar
نائب صوبیدار/نائب رسالدار
Lance Naik
لانس نائیک۔
Other rank insignia
Battalion havildar major Battalion quartermaster havildar Company havildar major Company quartermaster havildar

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