Paraguayan Navy


The Paraguayan Navy (Spanish: Armada Paraguaya) is the maritime force of the Armed Forces of Paraguay, in charge of the defense of Paraguay's waters despite not having direct access to the sea.

Paraguayan Navy
Armada Paraguaya
Naval Jack of Paraguay.svg
The Naval Jack of Paraguay
FoundedOfficially since 1811
Country Paraguay
Size5400 personnel
Part ofArmed Forces of Paraguay
Motto(s)Vencer o Morir
(To win or to die)
MarchMarcha al Mariscal Lopez
Anniversaries12th of September
EngagementsWar of the Triple Alliance
Chaco War
Commander of the Paraguayan NavyAdmiral Carlos Dionisio [1]
Naval JackNaval Jack of Paraguay.svg

It has gone to war on two occasions: in the War of the Triple Alliance (1864–1870) against Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay and the Chaco War against Bolivia.

Although Paraguay is a landlocked country, it has a strong naval tradition by virtue of the fact that it has access to the Atlantic Ocean through the ParaguayParaná rivers. The Paraguayan Navy has twelve bases. The main base is the Puerto Sajonia in Asuncion, followed by Bahia Negra, Ciudad del Este, Encarnacion, Salto del Guaira. It also has aviation facilities in Puerto Sajonia.[2]

In terms of vessels, the Navy has 34 surface ships, some of which have reached centenarian age. (This is due in part to limited use and floating in fresh water.) The main vessels and the flagship of the Paraguay Navy is still Humaita, which was commissioned prior to Paraguay's involvement in the Chaco War. It has a further four patrol vessels, of which the oldest was commissioned in 1908 and the newest in 1985. The Navy has 17 patrol boats of various drafts, four of which were donated by Taiwan and the United States, while the other 13 were built locally. The rest of the fleet is composed of tugboats, barges, landing craft, transports, and a presidential yacht. The new additions are four Croc-class riverine vessels from Australia, plus 43 locally built riverline patrol vessels constructed from 2006–2009. For air support, one Helibras HB350 helicopter is used to provide SAR, MEDEVAC and utility work[3]


Its main mission is to contribute to the defense of Paraguay, in order to protect and guarantee sovereignty over its water resources.

These priorities include:

  • The custody and defense of the coasts, ports and areas of fluvial interest in its area of influence.
  • Logistics support base for future operations of the forces.
  • Exercise prefectural functions in its area of influence.
  • Cooperate with the tasks of civil defense in cases of natural disasters, environmental protection and the restoration of internal order.


Flagship, River gunboat ARP C-1 Paraguay
CROQ15 alongside Itaipú (P05)
Pirá 170 SVX patrol class


  • Paraguay (C-1)
  • Humaitá (C-2) (still commissioned, but now designated as a Museum Ship)[4]

River patrol ships

  • Capitán Cabral (P-01)
  • Itaipú (P-05)

Patrol vessels

  • Capitán Ortiz (P-06)[5]
  • Teniente Robles (P-07)
  • Yhaguy (P-08)
  • Tebicuary (P-09)
  • 5 x patrol boats LP7-LP11
  • 2 x Class 701 patrol boats Class LP101 108
  • 2 x Croq-15 class patrol boats P201-202
  • 43 x Light patrol boats, all constructed in Paraguay between 2006 and 2009
  • Pirá 500 SL 5 × 1.60 m. Yamaha 25 hp.
  • Pirá 170 SVX 5.20 × 1.60 m. Yamaha 40 hp.
  • Pirá 240 SVX 6.50 × 2,40 m. Yamaha 90 hp.
  • Pirá 4.80 × 1.80 m. Yamaha 50 hp.


  • Triunfo R4 (1960), constructed in USA
  • Angostura R5 (1960) constructed in USA
  • Stella Maris R6 (1970)
  • Esperanza R7 (1970)


  • Amphibious assault craft LCVP 3 (1980), constructed in Brazil
  • 1 x Floating dock: DF-1 (1944), constructed in USA
  • 1 x Training ship: Guaraní (1968), constructed in Spain
  • 1 x Presidential yacht: 3 de Febrero (1972)
  • 1 x Casualty ship - T1 (1964)

Naval AviationEdit

Aircraft Origin Type Version In service
Helibras HB350 Esquilo   Brazil Transport and light attack helicopter HB350B 1
Training aircraft
Cessna 150   United States Training aircraft 150M 2
Utility aircraft
Cessna 210   United States Reconnaissance aircraft 210 1
Cessna 310   United States Reconnaissance aircraft 310 2
Cessna 401   United States Transport aircraft 401 1




Enlisted and NCOs


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