Coat of arms of the Patriarchate of Cilicia
Coat of arms
Gregory Peter XX Ghabroyan
elected 24 July 2015
HeadquartersArmenian diaspora
First holderAbraham Petros I Ardzivian (Independent)
DenominationEastern Catholic
Sui iuris churchArmenian Catholic Church
RiteArmenian Rite
CathedralCathedral of St Elias and St Gregory the Illuminator

The Patriarchate of Cilicia (Latin: Patriarchatus Ciliciae Armenorum) is the only patriarchate within the Armenian Catholic Church. The St. Elie and St. Gregory the Illuminator Armenian Catholic Cathedral in Beirut, Lebanon, is the seat of the Patriarchate.[1] The Patriarchate is headed by Patriarch Krikor Bedros XX Gabroyan elected in July 2015.


While the diocese of Cilicia dates back to 294,[1] it was promoted to a patriarchate in 1742.[2] In 1866, the seat of the patriarchate was moved to Constantinople, Ottoman Empire (now Istanbul, Turkey), and in 1928 to Beirut, Lebanon, where it remains today.[3]

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