Paulo Ribenboim


Paulo Ribenboim (born March 13, 1928) is a Brazilian-Canadian mathematician who specializes in number theory.

Paulo Ribenboim
Paulo Ribenboim e os irmãos Hermano e Mário.jpg
Ribenboim (left) with his two brothers in Recife
Born13 March 1928 (1928-03-13) (age 94)
Alma materUniversity of São Paulo
Known forRibenboim Prize
AwardsGeorge Polyá Award
Scientific career
InstitutionsQueen's University
Doctoral advisorJean Dieudonné
Doctoral studentsAndrew Granville


Ribenboim was born into a Jewish family in Recife, Brazil. He received his BSc in mathematics from the University of São Paulo in 1948, and won a fellowship to study with Jean Dieudonné in France at the University of Nancy in the early 1950s, where he became a close friend of Alexander Grothendieck.[1] He has contributed to the theory of ideals and of valuations.[2]

Ribenboim has authored 246 publications including 13 books. He has been at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, since the 1960s, where he remains a professor emeritus.

Jean Dieudonné was one of his doctoral advisors. Andrew Granville has been a doctoral student of Ribenboim.

The Ribenboim Prize of the Canadian Number Theory Association is named in his honor.

Personal lifeEdit

In 1951, Ribenboim married Huguette Demangelle, a French Catholic woman whom he met in France. The couple have two children and five grandchildren, and have lived in Canada since 1962.[3]


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