Perseus in Chinese astronomy


According to traditional Chinese uranography, the modern constellation Perseus is located within the western quadrant of the sky, which is symbolized as the White Tiger of the West (西方白虎, Xī Fāng Bái Hǔ).

The name of the western constellation in modern Chinese is 英仙座 (yīng xiān zuò), which means "the brave god constellation".


The map of Chinese constellation in constellation Perseus area consists of:

Four Symbols Mansion (Chinese name) Romanization Translation Asterisms (Chinese name) Romanization Translation Western star name Chinese star name Romanization Translation
White Tiger of the West (西方白虎) Lóu Bond 天大將軍 Tiāndàjiāngjūn Heaven's Great General
φ Per[1] 天大將軍二 Tiāndàjiāngjūnèr 2nd star
3 Per 天大將軍增十五 Tiāndàjiāngjūnzēngshíwǔ 15th additional star
2 Per 天大將軍增十六 Tiāndàjiāngjūnzēngshíliù 16th additional star
14 Per 天大将军增十七 Tiāndàjiāngjūnzēngshíqī 17th additional star
Wèi Stomach
[2] Wèi Stomach 21 Per 胃宿增三 Wèisùzēngsān 3rd additional star
大陵 Dàlíng Mausoleum
9 Per[3] 大陵一 Dàlíngyī 1st star
τ Per[4] 大陵二 Dàlíngèr 2nd star
ι Per[4] 大陵三 Dàlíngsān 3rd star
κ Per[4] 大陵四 Dàlíngsì 4th star
β Per[4]
大陵五 Dàlíngwu 5th star
天仓北第三星 Tiāncāngběidìsānxīng Third star in the north of Square Celestial Granary constellation
ρ Per[4] 大陵六 Dàlíngliù 6th star
16 Per[3] 大陵七 Dàlíngqī 7th star
12 Per[3] 大陵八 Dàlíngbā 8th star
χ Per 大陵增一 Dàlíngzēngyī 1st additional star
8 Per 大陵增二 Dàlíngzēngèr 2nd additional star
5 Per 大陵增三 Dàlíngzēngsān 3rd additional star
1 Per 大陵增四 Dàlíngzēngsì 4th additional star
4 Per 大陵增五 Dàlíngzēngwǔ 5th additional star
θ Per 大陵增十三 Dàlíngzēngshísān 13th additional star
14 Per 大陵增十四 Dàlíngzēngshísì 14th additional star
20 Per 大陵增十五 Dàlíngzēngshíwǔ 15th additional star
17 Per 大陵增十六 Dàlíngzēngshíliù 16th additional star
HD 18665 大陵增十七 Dàlíngzēngshíqī 17th additional star
ω Per 大陵增十八 Dàlíngzēngshíbā 18th additional star
32 Per 大陵增十九 Dàlíngzēngshíjiǔ 19th additional star
30 Per 大陵增二十 Dàlíngzēngèrshí 20th additional star
天船 Tiānchuán Celestial Boat
η Per[4] 天船一 Tiānchuányī 1st star
γ Per[4] 天船二 Tiānchuánèr 2nd star
α Per[4] 天船三 Tiānchuánsān 3rd star
ψ Per[4] 天船四 Tiānchuánsì 4th star
δ Per[4] 天船五 Tiānchuánwu 5th star
48 Per[5] 天船六 Tiānchuánliù 6th star
μ Per[4] 天船七 Tiānchuánqī 7th star
HD 27084 天船八 Tiānchuánbā 8th star
29 Per 天船增一 Tiānchuánzēngyī 1st additional star
31 Per 天船增二 Tiānchuánzēngèr 2nd additional star
34 Per 天船增三 Tiānchuánzēngsān 3rd additional star
σ Per 天船增四 Tiānchuánzēngsì 4th additional star
36 Per 天船增五 Tiānchuánzēngwǔ 5th additional star
53 Per 天船增六 Tiānchuánzēngliù 6th additional star
HD 26961[5] 天船增十 Tiānchuánzēngshí 10th additional star
積屍 Jīshī Heap of Corpses π Per[4] 積屍 Jīshī (One star of)
積水 Jīshuǐ Stored Water
λ Per[4] 積水 Jīshuǐ (One star of)
43 Per 積水增一 Jīshuǐzēngyī 1st additional star
Mǎo Hairy Head 卷舌 Juǎnshé Rolled Tongue
ν Per[6] 卷舌一 Juǎnshéyī 1st star
ε Per[6]
卷舌二 Juǎnshéèr 2nd star
卷舌东第二星 Juǎnshédōngdìèrxīng Second eastern star
ξ Per[6] 卷舌三 Juǎnshésān 3rd star
ζ Per[6]
卷舌四 Juǎnshésì 4th star
卷舌东第四星 Juǎnshédōngdìsìxīng Fourth eastern star
ο Per[6] 卷舌五 Juǎnshéwu 5th star
40 Per[3] 卷舌六 Juǎnshéliù 6th star
HD 22124 卷舌增一 Juǎnshézēngyī 1st additional star
55 Per 卷舌增二 Juǎnshézēngèr 2nd additional star
54 Per 卷舌增三 Juǎnshézēngsān 3rd additional star
49 Per 卷舌增四 Juǎnshézēngsì 4th additional star
50 Per 卷舌增五 Juǎnshézēngwǔ 5th additional star
52 Per 卷舌增六 Juǎnshézēngliù 6th additional star
天讒 Tiānchán Celestial Slander 42 Per[3] 天讒 Tiānchán (One star of)
[2] Net 五車[2] Wuchē Five Chariots
59 Per 五車增一 Wuchēzēngyī 1st additional star
57 Per 五車增二 Wuchēzēngèr 2nd additional star
58 Per 五車增三 Wuchēzēngsān 3rd additional star
HD 28693 五車增三 Wuchēzēngsān 3rd additional star

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