Pet taxi


A pet taxi is a type of transportation taxi service that transports various pets.[1] Some pet taxi services also provide pet ambulance, animal boarding and grooming services.[2] Some pet sitting companies may also offer pet taxi services.[3] Some pet taxis charge by the mile, while others may offer a flat rate for various trips.[2] Less commonly, some pet taxi services may offer long-distance pet transportation, such as a trip from New York City to Florida.[2] From France to Uk

A pet taxi parked in Newport, Wales.

Trip itineraries may include trips to veterinarians, pet sitting services, kennels and pet spas.[4][5] Transportation to and from airports may occur because standard taxicabs may not allow pets.[4] Clientele may include people who do not have the time or means to transport their own pets.[6]

Pet taxis may transport several animals at one time.[1] Pet carriers in several sizes may be used in the transportation of the animals.[5]

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