Phrynos Painter


Phrynos painter
Sirene auf attischer Randschale.jpg
Kylix painted by artist
Unknown. Named from Phrynos, who signed some of his works.

Before 560 BCE
DiedAbout 545 BCE
NationalityPossibly Greek
Known forVase painting
MovementLittle masters school, black-figure paintings

The Phrynos Painter was an Attic black-figure vase painter, active in Athens between c. 560 and 545 BC. He was allocated the conventional name "Phrynos Painter" after the potter Phrynos, as he had painted three cups signed by the latter:

The London cup is considered a masterpiece of the black-figure style. The Phrynos Painter belongs to the so-called Little masters; his paintings are very fine in detail and lively in style. Although a number of vases can be ascribed to him, his style is not yet fully understood.

Further works (some disputed)

He also painted five small neck amphorae of the Botkin Class:

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