Plaxis (sometimes stylised PLAXIS, Plane strain and axial symmetry, indicating the geometric types handled in the original code[1]) is a computer programme that performs finite element analyses (FEA) within the realm of geotechnical engineering, including deformation, stability and water flow.[2] The input procedures enable the enhanced output facilities provide a detailed presentation of computational results. PLAXIS enables new users to work with the package after only a few hours of training.

Plaxis logo.svg
Developer(s)Bentley Systems
Initial releaseDecember 1982; 39 years ago (1982-12)
Stable release
CONNECT Edition V20.1 (2D & 3D)
Operating systemWindows
Available inEnglish, Chinese, Japanese
TypeComputer-aided design, Finite Element Analysis
LicenseFloating licensing

Plaxis BV was acquired by the American Bentley Systems, Inc. in 2018.[3]


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