Polyphia is a primarily instrumental progressive rock band based in Plano, Texas that formed in 2010.

Polyphia performing in 2019
Polyphia performing in 2019
Background information
OriginPlano, Texas, US
Years active2010–present
MembersTim Henson
Scott LePage
Clay Gober
Clay Aeschliman
Past membersRandy Methe
Brandon Burkhalter
Lane Duskin


Polyphia performing in 2017

Polyphia first achieved mainstream success when the guitar play-through of "Impassion", from their EP Inspire, went viral on YouTube. Since then, the band's popularity has grown and they have shared the stage with progressive metalcore artists such as Periphery, Between the Buried and Me, and August Burns Red.[1]

The band states that their influences come from artists of all genres. The group started out with a heavier shred-oriented sound but has since matured into a more melodic-focused band. When describing the album Muse, Timothy Henson says that the primary inspiration came from pop and rap music.[2]

Style and influencesEdit

The band was originally known for classical guitar covers on YouTube. Their first EP, Inspire, and first LP, Muse, both show the band's appreciation for pop music[how?]. However, both works employ more progressive metal influences than their later releases.[3] This associated them with the djent movement, although they were characteristically less heavy and more melody-based than their peers. Their second studio album, Renaissance, saw the band diverge further away from metal, into a more progressive rock and math rock-influenced sound. They also began to mix elements of EDM, funk, and hip hop, with the single "LIT", a remix of the song "Light", the second track on Renaissance.[4] This sound was further developed with the release of their second EP, The Most Hated, and third LP, New Levels New Devils, which featured production from hip hop and EDM producers Judge and Y2K.[citation needed]


Metal Injection wrote in their review of Muse: "Basically, if you're looking for some really great instrumental music that stays away from the pitfalls of modern instrumental metal and will not be leaving your rotation anytime soon, grab Muse. Or if you're looking for a few songs to hum madly to yourself throughout your daily life because they simply will not leave your head...again, this album right here. Get it."[5]

Band membersEdit


  • Tim Henson – guitar (2010–present)
  • Scott LePage – guitar (2010–present)
  • Clay Gober – bass guitar (2012–present)
  • Clay Aeschliman – drums (2016–present)


  • Brandon Burkhalter – drums (2010–2014; 2015–2016), clean vocals (2010–2011)
  • Randy Methe – drums (2014–2015)
  • Lane Duskin – vocals (2010–2012)


Tim Henson is an Ibanez-endorsed artist with a signature guitar, THBB10. The THBB10 has a roasted maple neck, a Gotoh tremolo bridge with locking machine heads, as well as DiMarzio pickups.[6] Additionally, Henson has worked with Neural-DSP to release the "Archetype: Tim Henson" plugin, which contains three simulated amps and Henson's signature "Multivoicer" attachment.[7] Scott LePage also uses an Ibanez signature guitar, the SLM10, which also has a roasted maple neck, a Gotoh tremolo bridge with locking machine heads, and DiMarzio pickups.[8] Clay Aeschliman is endorsed by TAMA Drums and frequently uses Meinl cymbals.[9] Clay Gober uses Ibanez bass guitars, most notably basses in the Ibanez SR series.[10]


Studio albumsEdit

  • Muse (2014, re-released in 2015)
  • Renaissance (2016)
  • New Levels New Devils (2018)
  • Remember That You Will Die (2022)[11]


  • Inspire (2013)
  • The Most Hated (2017)


  • Resurrect (2011)
  • Bach Concerto No. 1 in D Minor (2012)


  • "Envision" (featuring Rick Graham) (2013)
  • "LIT" (2017)
  • "G.O.A.T" (2018)
  • "O.D." (2018)
  • "YAS" (featuring Mario Camarena and Erick Hansel) (2018)
  • "Look but Don't Touch" (featuring Lewis Grant) (2019)
  • "Inferno" (2019)
  • "Brand New Day" (ft. Babymetal) (2019)
  • "Playing God" (2022)
  • "Neurotica" (2022)


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