Prentice Hall International Series in Computer Science


Prentice Hall International Series in Computer Science was a series of books on computer science published by Prentice Hall.[1]

The series' founding editor was Tony Hoare. Richard Bird subsequently took over editing the series.[2] Many of the books in the series have been in the area of formal methods in particular.

Selected books

The following books were published in the series:[1][3]

  • R. S. Bird, Introduction to Functional Programming using Haskell, 2nd edition, 1998. ISBN 0-13-484346-0.
  • R. S. Bird and O. de Moor, Algebra of Programming, 1996. ISBN 0-13-507245-X. (100th volume in the series.)
  • O.-J. Dahl, Verifiable Programming, 1992. ISBN 0-13-951062-1.
  • D. M. Gabbay, Elementary Logics: A Procedural Perspective, 1998. ISBN 0-13-726365-1.
  • I. J. Hayes (ed.), Specification Cases Studies, 2nd edition, 1993. ISBN 0-13-832544-8.
  • M. G. Hinchey and J. P. Bowen (eds.), Applications of Formal Methods, 1996. ISBN 0-13-366949-1.
  • C. A. R. Hoare, Communicating Sequential Processes, 1985. ISBN 0-13-153271-5 hardback or ISBN 0-13-153289-8 paperback.
  • C. A. R. Hoare and M. J. C. Gordon, Mechanized Reasoning and Hardware Design, 1998. ISBN 0-13-572405-8.
  • C. A. R. Hoare and He Jifeng, Unifying Theories of Programming, 1998. ISBN 0-13-458761-8.
  • INMOS Limited, Occam 2 Reference Manual, 1988. ISBN 0-13-629312-3.
  • Cliff Jones, Systematic Software Development Using VDM, 1986. ISBN 0-13-880725-6 hardback or ISBN 0-13-880717-5 paperback.
  • M. Joseph (ed.), Real-Time Systems: Specification, Verification and Analysis, 1996. ISBN 0-13-455297-0.
  • Bertrand Meyer, Object-Oriented Software Construction (first edition only).
  • Robin Milner, Communication and Concurrency, 1989. ISBN 0-13-115007-3 (for the paperback).
  • C. C. Morgan, Programming from Specifications, 2nd edition, 1994. ISBN 0-13-123274-6.
  • P. N. Nissanke, Realtime Systems, 1997. ISBN 0-13-651274-7.
  • B. Potter, J. Sinclair and D. Till, An Introduction to Formal Specification and Z, 2nd edition, 1996. ISBN 0-13-242207-7.
  • A. W. Roscoe (ed.), A Classical Mind: Essays in Honour of C. A. R. Hoare, 1994. ISBN 0-13-294844-3.
  • A. W. Roscoe, The Theory and Practice of Concurrency, 1997. ISBN 0-13-674409-5.
  • J. M. Spivey, The Z Notation: A Reference Manual, 2nd edition, 1992. ISBN 0-13-978529-9.
  • J. C. P. Woodcock and J. W. Davies, Using Z: Specification, Refinement and Proof, 1996. ISBN 0-13-948472-8.


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