President Guard Regiment


The President Guard Regiment (PGR) is a military unit under the Executive Office of the President of Bangladesh. It is located at Dhaka Cantonment, Banga Bhaban and Ganabhaban. It provides military support for all security functions; including presidential travel, general medical support, emergency medical services, and hospitality services. The PGR is headed by the Military Secretary to the President and the Commander, President Guard Regiment. The regiment was created by President Ziaur Rahman in 1976. It was originally designated as the Presidential Security Force. The PSF was restructured and upgraded to full regimental status by President Hussain Muhammad Ershad in 1982 [2] and the new title of President Guard Regiment was adopted.

President Guard Regiment
প্রেসিডেন্ট গার্ড রেজিমেন্ট
PGR HQ Road Sign.jpg
Active1976 – Present
AllegiancePeople's Republic of Bangladesh
RoleProtection of the President and Prime minister
VVIPs as per state protocol
SizeOne Regiment
Garrison/HQDhaka Cantonment
Anniversaries5 July [1]
Operational CommanderMilitary Secretary to the President (MSP)
CommanderBrigadier General Jahangir Alam


Originally established in 1976 and restructured in 1982, the PGR's mission is to ensure the physical security of the President, all visiting heads of state and high-ranking dignitaries.

Mission and functionEdit

BTR-80 of President Guard Regiment.

The force is charged with providing security for the President of Bangladesh, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, their immediate family members and any other VIPs designated as such by both enacted legislation and government decisions.

All presidential aides-de-camp are assigned under this office. Visiting spouses of foreign Heads of State, Heads of Government and dignitaries also receive their protection.

The commander of the President Guard Regiment is an army major general with the designation of Military Secretary to the President; the equivalent of the U.S. Director of the White House Military Office. The Military Secretary reports directly to the President.[3]

The commandant is normally a Brigadier General with responsibility for the day-to-day administration of the regiment.

The regiment consists of eight platoons, each commanded by either a major or a captain. The regiment's uniform varies slightly from that of other units of the Bangladesh Army. Its members are authorised to carry firearms when in uniform, even during peacetime.


Name Type Caliber
Type 92 Semi-automatic pistol 9mm
BD-08 Assault rifle 7.62mm
Heckler & Koch MP5 Submachine gun 9mm
Romak III Sniper rifle 7.62mm
BD-08 Light machine gun 7.62mm
RPD Light machine gun 7.62mm
Type 80 General purpose machine gun 7.62mm
M40A1 Recoilless rifle 106mm


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