Pridoli epoch


Pridoli Epoch
423–419.2 million years ago
Ages in the Pridoli epoch
-423 —
-422.5 —
-422 —
-421.5 —
-421 —
-420.5 —
-420 —
-419.5 —
-419 —
Ages of the Pridoli epoch.
Axis scale: millions of years ago.

In the geologic timescale, the Pridoli epoch of the Silurian period of the Paleozoic era of the Phanerozoic eon is comprehended between 423 ± 2.3 and 419.2 ± 3.2 mya (million years ago), approximately. The Pridoli epoch succeeds the Ludfordian age and precedes the Lochkovian age of the Devonian. It is named after one locality at the Homolka a Přídolí nature reserve near the Prague suburb Slivenec in the Czech Republic.[1] Přídolí is the old name of a cadastral field area.[2]



Arthropods of the Pridoli
Taxa Presence Location Description Images
Brontoscorpio Gorstian-Pridoli Trimpley, Worcestershire, UK


Bony fish

Bony fish of the Fammenian
Taxa Presence Location Description Images


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