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The Prix Tour-Apollo was an annual French juried award established in 1972 by Jacques Sadoul with the assistance of Jacques Goimard.[1] Its name was chosen in reference to the Apollo 11 rocket.[2] The award was given to the best science fiction novel published in France during the preceding year. Awards were given for the years 1972-1990, inclusive, and usually went to a work first published in English in the US or UK.[3] After the award ended in 1991, the Grand Prix de l'Imaginaire added a category for best Foreign-Language Novel (translated into French) to continue this category of award.[4]


Past winners of the Prix Tour-Apollo
Year Title Author Publisher
1972 L'Île des morts (Isle of the Dead) Roger Zelazny OPTA
1973 Tous à Zanzibar (Stand on Zanzibar) John Brunner Robert Laffont
1974 Rêve de fer (The Iron Dream) Norman Spinrad OPTA
1975 L'Enchâssement (The Embedding) Ian Watson Calmann-Lévy
1976 Les Ailes de la nuit (Nightwings) Robert Silverberg J'ai lu
1977 Cette chère humanité (Brave Old World) Philippe Curval Robert Laffont
1978 La Ruche d'Hellstrom (Hellstrom's Hive) Frank Herbert Albin Michel
1979 La Grande Porte (Gateway) Frederik Pohl Calmann-Lévy
1980 Persistance de la vision (The Persistence of Vision) Short story collection by John Varley Denoël
1981 Le Temps des genevriers (Juniper Time) Kate Wilhelm Denoël
1982 L'Idiot-roi (Symbiote's Crown) Scott Baker J'ai lu
1983 L'Orbe et la roue Michel Jeury Robert Laffont
1984 Les Semeurs d'abîmes Serge Brussolo Fleuve noir
1985 La Citadelle de l'Autarque (The Citadel of the Autarch) Gene Wolfe Denoël
1986 La Musique du sang (Blood Music) Greg Bear la Découverte
1987 Les Voies d'Anubis (The Anubis Gates) Tim Powers J'ai lu
1988 La Compagnie des glaces (The Ice Company) Georges-Jean Arnaud Fleuve noir
1989 Le Pays du fou rire (The Land of Laughs) Jonathan Carroll J'ai Lu
1990 Argentine Joël Houssin Denoël

The 1988 award was for the entire series of 36 books[5] that began with La Compagnie des glaces in 1980; the series carries the same name. The full series includes 98 books, the first 36 of which were published in the Anticipation series by Fleuve Noir in 1980-87. (Books 37-62 were published by Fleuve Noir in their own series starting in 1988.) The first book in this series is available in English and French, but (according to WorldCat) the later books in the series are available only in French.

Aside from the later books in the La Compagnie des glaces series, all but three of these winning books are available in English as well as French, and most are available in other languages as well (see the ISFDB external link for details). As of 2013-12-28, Argentine is available only in French, Les semeurs d'abimes only in French and Italian, and L'Orbe et la roue only in French and Spanish.[6]


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